's personal's personal is a new feature that will appear on the second Wednesday of each month. Discover lesser-known facts about two RAW and two SmackDown Superstars or Divas and two Extremists or Vixens as asks a series of questions to find out what these men and women are like outside of the squared circle. This week I sat down with WWE Champion Edge, Candice Michelle, Mr. Kennedy, WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Kendrick, Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer. -- Z



WWE Champion Edge Favorite beer?
Edge: Sleeman Clear, a Canadian company based out of Guelph, Ontario. Best beer known to man. What's on your iPod?
Edge: I'd love to tell you, but it got stolen at a gym yesterday in Omaha, Neb. by some bastard who also has my wallet, all my credit cards and my driver's license, as well as gifts, bracelets and watches that were given to me. Last book you read?
Edge: Bob Dylan's Chronicles Volume I. Still reading it. PS2 or Xbox?

Edge: Neither, I don't waste my time with video games. Favorite cereal?
Edge: Multi-Grain Lucky Charms Favorite actor or actress?
Edge: Angelina Jolie for her looks and her lips. I've always loved Cameron Diaz. Actor, I think Brad Pitt is very underrated because he's a pretty boy. I've always been underrated because I've been categorized as a pretty boy, but if you look up close, I'm not. Baseball, football or basketball?
Edge: What in the f*** are you thinking? Well, there are other sports than what you Americans consider to be the major ones. There's something called hockey, and it takes place on ice, and it takes place with sticks, and it takes place with a frozen puck with shots that get taken at 100 mph, and an insane goaltender with very little padding on has to make a save. Fighting is allowed, and referees don't stop it. Zack, for putting that question in there (without hockey) I want to hockey fight you. I want to pull your shirt over your head and throw about ten uppercuts and show you what the greatest sport besides this is. Homebody or night owl?
Edge: Homebody Last concert you saw?
Edge: Buckcherry at a little club in Texas. Favorite guilty pleasure?
Edge: I think it's what everybody's guilty pleasure is, but I just do it better than everybody else.


Editor's Note: Edge, thanks for the wallet and  iPod, but O-Town and Boys II Men are anything but R-rated. I'm guessing by the answer to my sports question that the autograph I requested is out? Humbly Yours, Z




RAW Diva Candice Michelle What is your favorite beer?
Candice: Miller Light, Bud Light, Coors Light. What's on your iPod?
Candice: Everything, I have everything from Barbara Mandrel to hard house music. It just depends on the time and the mood. Last book you read?
Candice: I don't read. PS2 or Xbox?
Candice: Neither. Nintendo—old school. Favorite cereal?
Candice: I like Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. Favorite actor or actress?
Candice: I have a new one. I think Uma Thurman is really up there. I love Angelina Jolie and HalleBerry—they're smoking hot and good actresses—but Uma Thurman's got it goin' on. She's very diverse. Actor, Johnny Depp. He really goes to another level in creating a character. I think any actor can look up to him. Baseball, Football or Basketball?
Candice: Basketball, without a doubt. Homebody or night owl?
Candice: Night owl Last concert you saw?
Candice: I think I saw one of those Summer Jams a long time ago. Favorite guilty pleasure?
Candice: I'm doing a show on that on VH1, we just did 101 guilty pleasures. My favorite guilty pleasure is Torrie Wilson and Victoria.      

Editor's Note: Candice, I'm glad to see we share the same taste in reading material and video game consoles.  Big hugs and sloppy kisses, Z




 SmackDown Superstar Mr. Kennedy Favorite beer?
Mr. Kennedy: Bud Light What's on your Ipod?
Mr. Kennedy: About 864 songs. Last book you read?
Mr. Kennedy: Da Vinci Code PS2 or Xbox?
Mr. Kennedy: Both Favorite game?
Mr. Kennedy: All of them. Favorite cereal?
Mr. Kennedy: Lucky Charms Favorite actor or actress?
Mr. Kennedy: Gary Oldman is my favorite actor, and my favorite actress in Angelina Jolie. Baseball, football or basketball?
Mr. Kennedy: Football Homebody or night owl?
Mr. Kennedy: Homebody Last concert you saw?
Mr. Kennedy: Bon Jovi Favorite guilty pleasure?
Mr. Kennedy: Ice cream


Editor's Note: Mr. Kennedy,  I, too, am a homebody...a homebody! There's no reason to feel guilty about eating ice cream. It's going to the Bon Jovi show that should cause the guilt. 



WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Kendrick Favorite beer?
Brian Kendrick: Guinness What's on your iPod?
Brian Kendrick: I don't own an iPod. Last book you read?
Brian Kendrick: It was a Kurt Vonnegut book, but I'm not sure which one. PS2 or Xbox?
Brian Kendrick: PS2 Favorite game?

Brian Kendrick: God of War Favorite cereal?
Brian Kendrick: Count Chocula Favorite actor or actress?
Brian Kendrick: Johnny Depp and Jessica Biel Baseball, football or basketball?
Brian Kendrick: Football by leaps and bounds. Homebody or night owl?
Brian Kendrick: Homebody Last concert you saw?
Brian Kendrick:  White Stripes Favorite guilty pleasure?
Brian Kendrick: "Taking care of myself." 

Editor's Note: Brian, good choice with Count Chocula, but have you tried his relatives' cereal--Boo Berry or Franken Berry? Delicious.




ECW Representative Paul Heyman Favorite beer?
Paul Heyman: I don't drink beer. What's on your iPod?
Paul Heyman: Naked pictures of your wife. Last book you read?
Paul Heyman: An Unsatisfied Woman, by your wife. PS2 or Xbox?
Paul Heyman: PS2 Favorite cereal?
Paul Heyman: Kosher Corn flakes Favorite actor or actress?
Paul Heyman: Traci Lords and Robert Duvall Baseball, football or basketball?
Paul Heyman: None of the above. I don't like any sports that are fake. Homebody or night owl?
Paul Heyman: Night-body Last concert you saw?
Paul Heyman: Rob Zombie Favorite guilty pleasure.
Paul Heyman: ‘Taking care of myself."


Editor's Note: Paul, your favorite book is one of the best works of fiction in modern history. Oh, and do you think you can email me those pictures? Thanks, Z



ECW Extremist Tommy Dreamer Favorite beer?
Tommy Dreamer: Corona with lime. What's on your ipod?
Tommy Dreamer: I don't own one. Last book you read?
Tommy Dreamer: ECW: Rise and Fall PS2 or Xbox?
Tommy Dreamer: PS2. My favorite game is Madden Favorite cereal?
Tommy Dreamer: Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It's a tie. Favorite actor or actress?

Tommy Dreamer: Kane and Jenna Jameson. Baseball, football or basketball?
Tommy Dreamer: Football Homebody or night owl?

Tommy Dreamer: Homebody Last concert you saw?
Tommy Dreamer: Van Halen 1984 Favorite guilty pleasure?
Tommy Dreamer: Jenna Jameson


Editor's Note: Tommy, do you realize the last time you went to a concert Reagan was in office? Turn Jenna off and take those dancin' shoes out of the closet.  

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