The Game at Mr. Olympia this Saturday on Pay-Per-View

Let the best bodybuilders in the world muscle their way into your living room, as they battle live for the Mr. Olympia title this Saturday, October 15 at 10:00 p.m. Eastern standard time (7:00 p.m. Pacific standard time) on In Demand Pay-Per-View!

For those who can’t make it to the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas to catch the action in person, the state-of-the-art pay-per-view experience offers you the next best thing. You won’t miss a second of the excitement as reigning champion Ronnie Coleman tries to do what only one man in history has ever done before — win eight Mr. Olympia titles in a row, surpassing the great Arnold Schwarzenegger (who might be on hand as part of the show) and tying Lee Haney.

In 2001, Jay Cutler led through two rounds and came within four points of stealing the title from the mighty Texan’s grasp, while Günter Schlierkamp actually beat Coleman at the 2002 GNC Show of Strength, the first time a Mr. Olympia lost a contest other than the O itself during his reign since Sergio Oliva was defeated by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1970.

Cutler and Schlierkamp will both take on Coleman again, as well as a massive who’s-who of today’s top physique athletes: Darrem Charles, Gustavo Badell, Markus Rühl, Chris Cormier, and the most intriguing dark horse to hit the pro stage in ages, the Russian sensation (and biggest Olympian at 300 lbs.) Alexander Fedorov.

In addition, see bicep-to bicep combat in the special Challenge Round, with $50,000 on the line for the winner. The top-five contestants which will be judged by a panel of former Mr. Olympia champions, including Sergio Oliva, Franco Columbu, Frank Zane, Samir Bannout and Dorian Yates. Think it’s not important? Imagine the repercussions for the eventual winner of the O if he doesn’t also win the Challenge Round. You just gotta watch this one unfold before your eyes.

Viewers will also be treated to another potential record-breaking performance, as powerlifter Gene Rychlak attempts to surpass the all-time best bench press during the Mr. Olympia Finals. Rychlak, 6’1”, 390 pounds, will try to bench press 1,015 pounds. Let’s just repeat that … will try to bench press 1015 pounds. If he can do it — and odds are strong that he will — the fans in the audience and at home will be witness a world first.

WWE wrestling superstar Triple H, who’s the on stage MC. Plus, will be on hand. You'll see highlights from the Olympia women’s figure and fitness competitions, featuring some of the hottest bodies on the planet. The ever-charismatic former competitor Shawn Ray and bodybuilding insider Dan Solomon host the broadcast, meaning no punches will be pulled as the competitors are evaluated. It all adds up to the can’t-miss bodybuilding event of the year.

So mark your calendar for October 15, at 10 p.m. Eastern standard time (7 p.m. Pacific standard time) to guarantee your seat at the musclefest of the ages. You can order AMI’s exclusive broadcast of the 2005 Mr. Olympia contest on Events iN DEMAND by contacting your local pay-per-view provider.

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