Move Along Diva hopefuls

The 2006 $250,000 Diva Search has a smoking hot theme song to go along with the eight smoking hot finalists. The theme to this year's Diva Search is the hit song "Move Along" by The All-American Rejects. caught up with lead singer, bassist and major heart-throb Tyson Ritter to talk about WWE's quest to find the sexiest women on television and The All-American Rejects quest for total global domination. Before the interview could even get underway, though, Ritter had to get something off his chest.

"What the f*ck! RVD's on suspension? That's bullsh*t," said the impassioned frontman/fan.

Ritter and guitarist Nick Wheeler have been watching since they were kids growing up in Stillwater, Okla.

"I've had a lot of good times with wrestling, so that's why I've been excited to do this," said Ritter. "We just got a call that said (WWE) wanted to use "Move Along" for the introduction for the Divas and I was like ‘dude, it's WWE! It's huge!'

Ritter said The Rejects were jealous when their friends in the band Zebrahead got to do the entrance theme for WWE Diva Maria.

"We were like ‘damn, that's bad ass' you know, and now we're like ‘yes!'. When we were negotiating the deal I said, ‘you gotta tell them that we have to be in the running for the chick's entrance song.' That'd be bad ass," said Ritter.

The winner of the Diva Search is determined by viewer votes. The All-American Rejects have a little experience with getting fans to vote for them having spent several weeks topping the MTV Total Request Live charts. Ritter did not have any surefire tips for the Diva hopefuls, but did offer one piece of advice.

"Sex it up. Sex it up, girls," he said.

Ritter was impressed with some of the recent Divas' antics.

"The other week Trish mooned Edge's woman. That was ridiculous. That's out of control. I could not believe that was on television and I was like ‘Jesus Lord.' That was crazy. It's good crazy though. I love it," said Ritter.

"Move Along" might not be the only song by The All-American Rejects' appropriate for the Diva Search contestants. The Rejects new single off the "Move Along" album is titled "It Ends Tonight". Ritter said the inspiration for the song came from a depressed roommate who did nothing but slept and worked.

"It was totally bumming me out because he was my roommate and I would just be like hanging out by myself all the time, like ‘what the f*ck is going on.'"

The way the song is written, though, people can relate to it in a lot of different ways; even a disappointed Diva hopeful that doesn't make the cut.

"I guess in the literal sense, for their final night, it's all coming down to one chick. Not two chicks; it's not like a tag team coming out of it... You know maybe they should pull tag team chicks out of it," laughed Ritter.

The band has been touring like crazy and will be hitting several countries before doing a headline tour this fall called Tournado. Other bands in the line up include Motion City Soundtrack, The Starting Line, The Format and Gym Class Heroes.

"(The tour is) going to be playing everywhere in the country. If you have a stage, we'll be on it," said Ritter.

The veteran world traveler offered his philosophy to the 2006 $250,000 Diva Search contestants for life on the road.

"Oh enjoy it, enjoy it. See the world. It's a beautiful thing… Just always remember that this sh*t ain't gonna be going on in five years," he said. "That's what you have to remember. Don't think you're tired ‘cause you're not. You'll be tired when you're 50."

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