Red carpet pulled out from under MNM?

Judgment Day could very well go down as the worst night in the careers of MNM. After losing the WWE Tag Team Championship to Paul London & Brian Kendrick, MNM imploded as Johnny Nitro and Melina viciously attacked Joey Mercury. Later in the night Melina and Nitro were even fired by General Manager Theodore Long. But MNM's careers aren't the only things in jeopardy after such a debacle. The only thing that was as important to MNM as the WWE Tag Team Championship was their elite Hollywood status. After such a breakup, that status is now in question.

After winning a big match, instead of calling friends and family to talk of their accomplishments, all three members of MNM would be seen talking to some of the biggest names in Hollywood like Paris, Nick and Jessica. With the fickle nature of Hollywood, after such an embarrassing evening, those calls from MNM might be going straight to voicemail.

And MNM looked right at home on the red carpet of the See No Evil premiere last week. Melina especially seemed to be soaking in the bright lights and popping flashbulbs like it was what she was born to do. But will those invitations keep coming in the mail after she was humiliated live on pay per view?

One thing is for certain. MNM's red-carpet status will never be the same after what happened at Judgment Day.

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