Michelle McCool hospitalized

SmackDown Diva Michelle McCool has been hospitalized for what she thought was general sickness and acute back pain. The decision to admit herself may have saved her life.

An ultrasound and other extensive tests revealed that McCool was suffering from an enlarged kidney and an electrolyte imbalance. The condition is severe enough that she has been hospitalized for over a weekincluding Thanksgiving, so far.

According to WWE Doctor Ferdinand Rios, had the condition been left untreated, McCool could have encountered other major health issues such as heart or kidney failure.

"Her condition was complicated by an electrolyte imbalance; sometimes those cannot be corrected immediately, and due to lack of sodium [in her body] she needed a lot of intravenous fluids," said Rios.

During treatment McCool mentioned a singeing pain in her chest to her doctors.
"Michelle most likely suffered a fractured sternum from one of her matches where she may have been kicked in the chest," explained Rios.

Rios said the support and well wishes McCool has received from her family and WWE fans has helped keep her upbeat and headed down the road to recovery. Without further complications, she should be home in time for the upcoming holiday season.

"She's getting better and is getting stronger, and at this time is free from infection," Rios said. "When I spoke to her she was in good spirits."


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