The Blue Meanie on his 'receipt'

The Blue World Order made a shocking appearance on SmackDown! last night, highlighted by a vicious and bloody attack on JBL. WATCH THIS EXCLUSIVE video of the bWo bloodying JBL. Caution: This video is not suitable for all audiences. After the events of One Night Stand, do you feel a sense of retribution?
The Blue Meanie: Last night on SmackDown! was what is known in the wrestling business as "a receipt." Is it retribution? Not quite! JBL thought he could waltz into ECW One Night Stand, lump up Da' Blue Guy and that would be the last of it. JBL made the cardinal mistake of underestimating what the Blue World Order is all about.

A lot of people doubted that I, Brian Heffron, would ever make in sports entertainment and I proved them wrong. People never thought I would make it to ECW and I proved them wrong! People never thought I would make it to the WWE and I proved them wrong. The bWo wasn't supposed to last more than one night in ECW when it debuted, but it turned into one of ECW's most remembered factions and we proved them wrong. So if JBL thought he was going to go unserved. It's very evident that we proved him WRONG on SmackDown!

So JBL can talk **** on ECW all he wants. He can talk **** on the ECW wrestlers all he wants. He can talk **** on the bWo all he wants. But when it came down to it, he proved last night on SmackDown! that he wouldn't have last in ECW for ONE DAY! ECW guys are just tougher. Talk about what happened at ECW One Night Stand.
Meanie: That was probably the worst encounter I have ever experienced in a wrestling ring. First, I was already injured with 14 staples in the back of my head closing a wound from a previous match, but I went to One Night Stand to make sure the bWo reunion happened.

JBL crossed the line. He went after that injury. He punched those staples in my head on top of giving me a fresh wound on the front of my face. He swelled my eye up to the size of a grapefruit. I still have a twitch in my eye from what he did to me. I still have headaches. My own mother couldn't look at my face without bursting into tears because of what JBL did to me. My mother cried "what has happened to my boy?" And I had to face my mother in shame and tell her what JBL did to me. Rumors were circulating that you were considering legal action against JBL. Is this true? Are you still considering legal action?
Meanie: A lot of people have said I should. People in my personal life said I should take legal action. People in the professional world said I should take legal action. I have considered it and am undecided. But Thursday on SmackDown!, my lawyer came in the form of a steal chair to JBL's ample cranium.

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