Lita out

After a remorseless attack upon Mickie James on Raw, Women's Champion Lita surprised both WWE and its fans by announcing her retirement from sports-entertainment. Addressing the Baltimore crowd in the 1st Mariner Arena and those watching at home, Lita essentially told the world that she was done with WWE.

"I was debating about retiring for a quite a while," Lita told following her announcement. "But, I've made my decision and made it official tonight on Raw with the WWE fans."

With her opponent defeated, Lita made the bombshell declaration that her final match will take place at Survivor Series in her title defense against Mickie. According to Lita, Sunday couldn't come any sooner.

"I'm sick and tired of not being respected for the contributions I've made in the past and also every week on Raw," said the Women's Champion. "The [other Superstars and Divas] in the locker room turned their back on me when I wasn't the cool person to like."

Seven years as a WWE Diva, Lita's current Women's Championship reign is her fourth. If all goes accordingly, Lita will leave WWE as the unseated champion, trumping her long-time rival Trish Stratus, who retired as champion in September.

"I'd love to say thanks to my fans that were with me since day one and are still there today," she said. "I've got nothing for fair-weather fans that were with me at one time, but because I make a personal decision they don't approve of, they decide to turn their back on me."

The Women's Champion has not yet devised any post-retirement plans. Lita is looking forward to making history on Sunday in Philadelphia. Only afterwards will she consider her post-WWE years.

"I am going to figure out what I'm going to do the day after Survivor Series," added Lita. "But, I'm sure I won't be thinking of the other Superstars, Divas or WWE fans when I'm kicking my feet up and not working."

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