Lita returns to her roots

This week was a homecoming of sorts for WWE Superstar Lita. She returned to Mexico City -- the place where she was trained by Mexican Luchadore wrestlers in 1998 -- for the first time in more than 8 years.

"I was excited to see we had a show in Mexico City, but I wasn't sure how much time I would have to see some of the city," Lita said.

It turned out she had more time than she ever imagined and had an amazing time returning to her roots.

"As soon as we got to the hotel where we were staying, I dropped my bags and went right out to see as much as I could. I wanted to revisit some old friends and see some of the old stomping grounds," Lita told

Here's a refresher course for those who aren't familiar with Lita's history in Mexico: She always fancied the luchadore style of wrestling. Once she decided she wanted to be a wrestler, she left home for Mexico City to see if she could find someone to train her luchadore-style.

"I basically spent six weeks trying to convince the people who train wrestlers in Mexico City that I was serious. I went to matches three times a week for six weeks at CMLL (Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre) just studying the style and trying to network so I could find a trainer."

Lita went back to the States, but returned to Mexico City for three more weeks where she was eventually trained by Los Boricuas -- a group of five guys from Puerto Rico and the United States who were working in Mexico City at the time.

Upon Lita's return to Mexico City, she connected with some old friends who work for the Mexican wrestling magazine, Luchas 2000, who agreed to escort her through the city.

"I asked if there were any wresting matches that night and it turned out there were matches at El Coliseo," Lita said.

El Coliseo is a famous old Mexican wrestling venue where many TV shows have been filmed for the Mexican market. Lita and Edge accepted the offer for tickets to the show, but needed to figure out how to attend the show without getting noticed or making a scene at the venue.

"We decided we would buy Mexican wrestling masks outside the venue after the show had started and come in a few minutes late. I bought the mask of the Blue Demon and Edge just picked out the mask that he liked most, but it turned out to be the mask of the villain in that night's main event. It was so much fun, we were sitting in the middle of all these fans, who also wear masks, and the only thing they knew about us was we were from the U. S."

The fans welcomed them with open arms, bought them beer and they all watched the show together.

As if that wasn't enough for Lita, she and Edge got a special invite to the wresting merchandise store of Mexican legend El Santo and even met the Mexican great. And to top it off, Lita had lunch with her former WWE partner, Essa Rios. They made their WWE debut together in February 2000.

For Lita, her return to her roots was more than she could have ever imagined.

"I was looking forward to this trip so much, but I didn't think it would be half what it turned out to be."


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