Layla is LIQUID's premiere cover girl

Layla won the 2006 $250,000 Diva Search just a few months ago, and is already making waves in and out of the WWE ring. The sexy SmackDown Diva graces the cover of the inaugural December 2006 issue of LIQUID magazine.

"I just feel very privileged to be on the cover," Layla told "I wish everyone would go out there, buy it and give as much support as they can to the magazine."

Layla is featured in an eight-page spread, which includes many sultry photos and a Q&A with the Diva.

"I pretty much talk about little things -- about joining WWE, a little bit about my experience, about the Diva Search and also my experience dancing with the Miami Heat," Layla revealed. "And I offer little interesting things about me that you might not know."

Layla wanted WWE fans to know LIQUID isn't just another men's lifestyle magazine -- she claimed this one is unique.

"LIQUID appeals to men and it also recognizes women's sexuality without being tasteless or degrading. Also, if you're into gadgets, which most guys are, I think it's appealing," Layla remarked. "This is a great issue and I think they have a lot, lot more to offer."

LIQUID is on newsstands now, and Layla promised a little something special to any WWE fan who purchases the magazine.

"If you happen to go out and get the magazine and you see me -- as long as I'm not about to go into the ring or on stage -- I will sign it for you personally," Layla pledged.

With Layla's rising popularity on SmackDown, there will be plenty of WWE fans with copies of LIQUID for the sexy Diva to sign.


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