Jillian sings to WWE.com

Jillian sings to WWE.com

After her big pay-per-view singing debut last Sunday at No Way Out, SmackDown Diva Jillian sat down with WWE.com for an inside look at what makes her tick.

"I was just a normal kid, but going into high school, I guess I was a little goofier," admitted Jillian. "I was a cheerleader and I was the goofy one on the cheerleading squad, that's for sure. We'd go to cheerleading camp and instead of doing the routines, I would go off and do Elvis impersonations and stuff like that. I actually got a blue ribbon for doing an Elvis impersonation at a cheerleading competition once," Jillian laughed

Jillian's "goofy" personality is what has let her get in the ring and sing in front of thousands of booing WWE fans. While she has had no formal training, she has had plenty of practice.

"I sing every day of my life," said Jillian. "I don't care what people think. I walk around and I sing out loud. Everybody hears me all the time, they get annoyed sometimes, but I don't care because I love it."

Jillian has been in some pretty over the top moments in her WWE career. You may remember when she first debuted as shrewd PR woman who helped get publicity for such Superstars as MNM and JBL. However, a large, mysterious blemish on her face overshadowed her business prowess. Jillian said her army of loyal fans who had followed her up through OVW were not happy about it.

"My fans blamed WWE for doing it because they knew before it wasn't me," said the songstress. "I was relieved when Boogeyman bit it off... I've read on the internet that people think [the singing] is a little ridiculous too, but seriously this is me. That is who I am when I walk into the locker room. All the girls know that's me. They hear singing and they say, ‘where's Jillian.'"

You might think Jillian would be a Karaoke junkie, but actually, she has yet to give it a try. Between her busy travel schedule and a serious lack of Karaoke bars in her hometown, she just hasn't had the chance yet. Singing Karaoke in front of a handful of strangers might not cut it for the Diva after performing in front of a sold out arena on Sunday. Was she nervous about singing in front so many people?

"The audience at No Way Out was the largest I had sung in front of, but I felt like I was just in front of my family or my friends," said Jillian. "It's just that natural to me. I think I'm not horrible. I've heard worse, but I guess I've heard better too. [Even though the WWE fans were booing me, it was a strong reaction, so] of course it makes me happy. I love that reaction, that's what you look for."

So who are some of Jillian's favorite singers? If you've been watching SmackDown, then you'd know the answer is Britney… no really.

"Seriously, I love Britney Spears," Jillian smiled. "She's my favorite; she's always been my favorite. [When she shaved her head] it made me sad; I wanted to cry when I saw that," Jillian said in a more serious tone. "It's just not who she was. Everybody loves who she was. She's changed and it's sad. I feel bad for her. I know that she's stressed with the media and her kids and the divorce and everything, but hopefully she will get back on her feet."

Jillian won't be following in her favorite pop icon's footsteps though. She's very happy with where she is right now.

"I've been pushing to sing [on the show] for so long now," admitted Jillian. "One day at a SmackDown Live Event, we were having a bikini contest and I said, ‘let's spice this thing up.' So I said, ‘can I go sing," and they said, ‘sure.' So I went out there and instead of taking off my robe I started singing and it got boos," Jillian laughed. "It went over well I guess you would say and from there I did it a few more times and here I am."

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