Post-match comments from Hurricane and Rosey

CLICK HERE FOR THE BACKLASH PHOTO GALLERY How does it feel to win the World Tag Team Championship?

The Hurricane: It feels great. It's been a long road for me and Rosey -- from his debut as a Superhero In Training, to becoming a full-fledged superhero, it's been a long road for us. It's been fun every step of the way, but it's been hard, and it's good to finally be at the top.

Rosey: Man, you don't understand what it feels like to win this one. For as long as I've been here, going on three years, I've been tagging the entire time. It was do or die time when we finally came out and we did it. It feels so good. How was this match, the Tag Team Turmoil Match, different? And, how did the luck of the draw work to your advantage?

The Hurricane: It was advantageous to have the luck of the draw. You have to take your hats off to the former World Tag Team Champions, William Regal and Tajiri. They went through The Heart Throbs, then they went through Maven and Simon Dean. So they eliminated nearly half of the competition for us. La Resistance took out Regal and Tajiri, and for us, it was actually a little sweeter to get the pin off of those guys because we have had a long rivalry with Sylvain Grenier and Robert Conway. Every time we were close to winning the World Tag Team Championship before, it was always those guys that stopped us or beat us to the punch. To win this one was sweet, but to win it at the expense of La Resistance was a little bit sweeter

Rosey: We knew all of the teams very well. The biggest difference in the match was what order we would be called out and who we would have to face in the ring. However, we beat La Resistance, and now I am now going to have to find myself a championship belt extension. But in all seriousness, all the tag teams in WWE are top notch. You can't find teams like this anywhere else in the world. So we feel real privileged to have been a part of it. We knew it wasn't going to be easy, but we went out there with our game faces on. How does this World Tag Team Championship victory compare to the last time you won the championship with Kane?

The Hurricane: Like I said, this one is a little bit sweeter because it took us so long to get here. Kane and I came in as an element of surprise on my return to RAW from the SmackDown! roster. The Hurri-Kanes, as I like to call them, was a fun time for me. But being with Rosey, I just have so much fun. But at the same time, it's been a long road and to finally get the checkered flag at the end of a long, hard race really means a lot to us. All of the teams from the Tag Team Turmoil match will be looking to face you guys for a World Tag Team Championship match. Are you open to any challenge?

Rosey: Two weeks ago, Regal extended the challenge to any team on RAW that wanted to challenge them. Hurricane and I are going to do the same thing. We're not going to hide from anybody. We're the brightest-looking tag team on RAW. We have the championship around our waists and we're going keep it there.

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