Eddie Guerrero honored in El Paso

Even months after Eddie Guerrero's untimely passing, the former WWE Champion is still touching the lives of his friends, family and fans everywhere. Eddie's mantra of "lie, cheat and steal" endeared him to millions of fans, but even before that he was already El Paso's own Champion.

Eddie posthumously received the Star of the Mountain Award in recognition of the pride he brought to his hometown. His wife Vickie and their three daughters also all received keys to the city of El Paso, the same city in which they grew up.

"It was an honor to see how much El Paso loved Eddie Guerrero. It was a great honor to have Eddie recognized. To hear the mayor and everyone say how much Eddie and his work was appreciated meant a lot," she said.

Vickie said that she knew that Eddie was a popular wrestler, but she is still surprised by how much media attention her husband's death has brought.

"I really didn't expect it. We liked to lead a simple life. We never looked for publicity, so it was amazing to see the impact that Eddie's passing has had on people. It has really touched my heart."

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