Dr. Tom is headin' south

Dr. Tom is headin' south

The position of head trainer for WWE's Deep South Wrestling developmental territory is vacant no more.

Just days after Bill DeMott was released from the position, former WWE Superstar Dr. Tom Prichard has been named as the new head trainer. Prichard, whose 20-year sports-entertainment career included multiple stops in WWE in the 1990s, is no stranger to WWE's developmental system; Prichard was the head of WWE's Developmental System for several years prior to his release in 2004.

Prichard is grateful for the new opportunity, citing that developing young talent is the role he can fill best.

"Things happened in the past, but I want to look forward, not backward," he told WWE.com. "I am grateful for the opportunity to come back and work with young talent again," he said. "That's my strong suit these days in the business. I've been given another opportunity, and I'm appreciative and grateful. The future is bright, and I will repay WWE by doing the best job I can."

So how will he go about that?

"All you can do for young talent is equip them with the knowledge to succeed and then give them some experience," he revealed. "There's no substitute for experience; you have to prepare these guys as best you can, but eventually you have to let them sink or swim. The best way to see if they can swim is to put them in some pressure situations on a smaller scale and see how they react to that."

After his first day on the job, Prichard believes that the groundwork laid by Bill DeMott and the DSW staff will help the students effectively utilize his teachings.

"Bill did a tremendous job teaching them the fundamentals and whipping them into shape. I'm very impressed with the potential and talent DSW has."

However, that could end up becoming a liability, which Prichard is fully aware of.

"I think that one of the mistakes that is commonly made, and this is pretty much a catch-22…with the lack of depth, you want to get new, fresh faces up to WWE ASAP. When you do that, they're not always mentally ready to handle the stress of life on the road. The best way I can prepare them is to tell them what's expected of them and give them as much guidance as I can. You'll never really know if they can do it until they go and actually get out there."

And already, Prichard has a lofty long-term goal in mind.

"My main goal has always been to help train young talent and bring out their full potential. I think this is a great opportunity, and I plan to get everyone in DSW up to WWE."

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