2005 WWE Draft Lottery

The 2005 Draft Lottery is now over. Throughout the month of June, both WWE rosters were hit with monumental changes, starting with the WWE Champion get picked to compete on RAW and ending with the World Heavyweight Champion moving to SmackDown! Below are the full results of the 2005 WWE Draft Lottery. 

WATCH: RAW Draft in review  | SD! Draft in review

June 6: RAW drafts John Cena
June 9: SmackDown! drafts Chris Benoit

June 13: RAW drafts Kurt Angle
June 16: SmackDown! drafts Randy Orton

June 20: RAW drafts Carlito
June 23: SmackDown! drafts Muhammad Hassan

June 27: RAW drafts Big Show & Rob Van Dam
June 30: SmackDown! drafts Christian & Batista 

Keep in mind that all picks in the 2005 WWE Draft Lottery were drawn at random. RAW drew from the SmackDown! roster of Superstars. SmackDown! drew from the RAW roster of Superstars.

All RAW and SmackDown! Superstars were eligible to be drafted, including champions, Divas, announcers and even General Managers.

Additionally, General Managers were allowed to trade Superstars up until Midnight on June 30th. Click here to view the 11-person trade that went down.

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