WWE teams with Telescope Inc. for Diva Search

The representatives from Telescope Inc., who manage more than 80 percent of the market share in terms of overall vote volume with shows like American Idol, Hell's Kitchen, So You Think You Can Dance?, American Inventor, America's Got Talent and Rock Star: Supernova, among others, are excited to team with WWE for their newest project.

Troy Sample, Managing Director of Telescope Inc., says that the way in which WWE is conducting the voting in this year's $250,000 Diva Search Contest is both new and exciting.

"Voting on TV shows is not necessarily new, but the manner in which WWE implemented this is actually quite progressive," said Sample. "The way they're doing a cross-carrier vote on mobile phones—giving people access to voting despite what (mobile phone) carrier they happen to be on—we think is very innovative and market leading. Also, delivering exclusive insider information about the Divas to their mobile phones, we think that's interesting and new; allowing people the same option to go on the web if they want to vote there, and be opted into the sweeps (voters are available to win $2,500 for each text vote, and a grand prize of $25,000) from voting by mobile phone or sending it in tradition postal entry as well. We think all of that wrapped together is exciting and gives a great consumer experience to WWE viewers."

Essentially, Telescope Inc. is in charge of making sure every vote is counted in the Diva Search Contest, which is slated to begin Monday night on RAW.

"Basically, what we do for shows like American Idol, where the outcome is so important and so scrutinized by the media, is that we bring that experience and those important steps of validation to every project we do," said Sandy King, Head of Operations for Telescope. "We understand how important it is to give a valid vote so you find the right Diva that America wants to win that prize. We make sure those steps are in place in every project, including WWE, so the importance we impose on that cannot be under stressed."

"Sandy's the one who makes sure every vote that comes into Telescope is valid and counted, and treated with the utmost importance and priority for every single vote and every single consumer," added Sample.

And the votes they're in charge of counting are expected to pour in. This year, WWE and Telescope are using a new type of format to collect votes, which is expected to bolster the vote count. Telescope knows how passionate WWE fans are about their Superstars and Divas, so this opportunity is just as exciting for them as is it for the voters.

"We believe WWE fans are some of the most enthusiastic fans in the world, and giving them this sort of impact on the production is very exciting to us, and we think it will be a very successful result," said Sample.

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