Calling all WWE fans

Calling all WWE fans

Pick up the phone, because starting today, if you are a Cingular, now the new AT&T, subscriber (and over 60 million people are), you will have access to exclusive WWE Mobile video content right on your cell phone. WWE recently inked an exciting multi-year deal allowing WWE fans to use their Cingular phones to access MEdiaMall so you can download wallpapers, ringtones and voicetones.   

For WWE fans that have 3G capable video phones and Cingular's basic video package ($19.99 per month) a media bundle is available that will give access to videos like the Slam of the Week, pay-per-view previews and WWE News. For an additional $4.99 a month, fans can purchase WWE Premium Video -- a brand new service that can't be missed. With exclusive videos, interviews, classic clips, hot Diva action and more, WWE Premium Video is sure to keep even the most diehard WWE fan entertained wherever they go. Starting today, WWE fans will have access to WrestleMania Magic Moments, which features clips and wallpapers of some of the best moments in the history of the biggest night in sports-entertainment.

If you are a serious WWE fan you need WWE Premium Video! For more information, Text "video" to 993 (WWE). For wallpapers, ringtones, and voicetones, Text "shop" to 993 (WWE).

Not a Cingular, now the new AT&T subscriber but want to be in the know on the go? Get more information now.

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