Brooke Hogan: Singer, reality star and now, cover girl

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan's daughter, Brooke, has another great accomplishment to add to her impressive, growing resume -- magazine cover girl. A tanned, toned and gorgeous Brooke graces the cover of the November issue of FHM.

"It feels really, really good to be on the cover of FHM because I feel like I reached a new demographic, and it shows people the workouts my dad's been putting me through have really paid off," Brooke told

"At first I was a little bit scared about being on the cover of FHM, because you know it is a very racy magazine, and I didn't want to lose a lot of my fans, the little girls, so I tried to keep it really classy, with just doing bathing suits and classy poses," Brooke admitted.

The Hulkster wasn't home during the photoshoot at the Hogan's house. So since dear ol' dad was away, did his daughter play?

"The photoshoot -- well my dad was actually gone -- he was wrestling at SummerSlam when we shot it, so he wasn't there," Brooke laughed mischievously. "But you know, my mom and I were there and we used our heads. My dad really loved the photos. He was worried at first because he didn't know how racy it was going to be, but when he saw them, he thought that they were beautiful."

Brooke hopes that her first men's magazine cover isn't her last -- she's so proud of the November FHM cover, she'd do it again and again.

"I would definitely love to do more magazine covers like FHM. I think those kinds of magazines are great -- especially if they're nice enough to give me the cover. That's really cool," she said.

Next week marks another two big events in Brooke's life -- Hogan Knows Best begins its third season on Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on VH1; and her album, "Undiscovered," will be released in stores Oct. 24.

"I am very excited for the release of ‘Undiscovered.' It's coming out on Oct. 24. I'm nervous, actually, because I really hope it does well!"

Brooke promised that this season of Hogan Knows Best is much different than the first two, since the Hogans moved to Miami Beach. Brooke's record label, studio and producer are there.

According to, "They pack up their animals, cars and 13 years of memories and trade their castle-like mansion for a sleek Miami Beach abode. But when the Hogans finally survey the new place, they discover that the $12 million house is full of problems, and Hulk and Linda wonder whether leaving Clearwater was such a good move."

Brooke agreed that the family's move was anything but conventional.

"Oh my gosh, well, we all moved down to Miami -- we're like the Beverly Hillbillies with all of our animals, and all of our cars and all of our clothes and everything! And it's absolute madness. It's kind of like taking country people and putting them in the city," she laughed.

"It's crazy because the first two seasons were shot in a smaller town -- Clearwater, Fla., and you know there's not much to do around here, so it was pretty much just stuff that we would come up with -- you know, us being the goofballs that we are -- that was what made the show entertaining. Now that we've moved down to Miami, it's the whole outside world affecting us. It's crazy there. It's the crazy people who Nick hangs out with, and all the girls that come over to see Nick, and all the guys who try to hook up with me, and my dad trying to fight Miami off!"

So Brooke is a talented singer, a funny reality TV star and a beautiful cover girl. What's next?

"I don't know! Hopefully my own clothing line, or makeup line, or film -- I don't know! Whatever comes my direction," Brooke revealed.

"And just tell all the Hulkamaniacs to vote for my video, ‘About Us,' at!"


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