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Each Monday night on RAW, Trish Stratus can be seen going toe to toe with the other Divas of WWE. But outside the ring, Trish sees herself and the other WWE Divas as role models for women everywhere. That is the theme to Trish's latest T-shirt, which is a spin off of America's World War II feminist icon, Rosie the Riveter. WWE.com caught up with Trish to discuss the new T-shirt and the story of how it came about.

When the discussion of a new shirt started, Trish looked to her fans for suggestions. "I kept getting letters from fans telling me to come up with something that was both cool and empowering for women," says Trish. She was reminded of a photo taken of her from the WWE book ‘Unscripted'. As Trish explains, "In the ‘Unscripted' book, there is a picture of me sporting a beautiful black eye, and I'm wearing a shirt with Rosie the Riveter on it that says ‘Chicks kick ass.' I thought to myself, what a cool concept, let's put my image in it and change the slogan."

Why the interest in Rosie the Riveter? Trish was passionate in her response, "During World War II, most of the men went to fight the war, leaving the factories void of capable workers. Rosie was the poster girl for the women who were used to staying at home. Her slogan was ‘We can do it', and it encouraged women to go to the factories and take the jobs that were left when the men went to war."

Years later, Trish understands the impact of Rosie the Riveter on women in America. "It gave women a sense of purpose, they felt like they were contributing, they were keeping companies afloat, and in a sense, they kept America afloat."

The former Women's Champion is adamant about the role that women can play in the world. "We can all be role models if we choose to be, and I hope all women are encouraged in some little way by this T-shirt." Trish sees a piece of Rosie in all the WWE Divas. "Her message is what we strive to represent. Women can do it. They can kick butt, and they can take care of business in a male dominated world."

When it was all said and done, "Let's Do It'' was the slogan decided on for Trish's shirt, as she carries the tradition of Rosie the Riveter into the 21st century as an inspiration to all men and women alike.

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