The sexiest women on the River Walk

The sexiest women on the River Walk

It's a little before 8 a.m. in a San Antonio hotel room, where Kelly Kelly is texting away on the Sidekick she Bedazzled herself. She's messaging fellow ECW Diva Layla about what they should do on their next Extreme Exposé. Jill, the stylist, asks if she is doing big hair for the photo shoot. Kelly nods yes.

"Okay, big pageant hair," Jill laughs as she dives in with hot rollers.

The morning is chilly and overcast until 8:09, when the sun breaks through the clouds. It's going to be a great day for the first, exclusive Diva photo shoot.

Kelly and the other Divas have been looking forward to the shoot for weeks. The on-location shoot will be showing off some San Antonio landmarks. To better complement their surroundings, the Divas have been planning special outfits for their photos.  In a cruel twist of fate, the airline lost one of Kelly's bags last week that contained many of the outfits she was planning to wear. However, the smiley 20-year-old won't let it get her down.

"I went shopping yesterday and found some really cute stuff, so I'm excited," Kelly says with her signature smile. Soon, Jill is done with Kelly's hair and makeup, and asks her what she thinks. "I like it," Kelly smiles again.

"If you don't like something, just tell me," Jill offers. 

"No, you nerd," Kelly laughs. "I love you."

By 10 a.m. Kelly is on San Antonio's River Walk, having her picture taken at an outdoor Mexican restaurant before it opens. The River Walk area is a collection of hotels, stores, restaurants and entertainment along the river that winds through downtown. With many of the shops and restaurants closed or just opening, there aren't many people around; in fact, it feels like the whole city is just waking up.

Suddenly, a few early risers have a very good morning as they stumble upon Kelly's shoot. She's wearing frilly, white lingerie with thigh-high suede boots. She's smiling and really enjoying herself, waving at people as they go by on the River Walk. Kelly is enjoying herself so much that she even decides to take her top off for a few pictures while no one is looking.

It's after lunch and Rebecca has just arrived from Atlanta. While she's having her hair and makeup done, she talks about growing up in a large family in Rhode Island. Rebecca is the youngest girl of eight children, and has one younger brother.

"My mom would dress us all in the same color when we would go out so she could find us all," she says. "People thought we were from a camp!"

Now sporting "big Texas hair" for the shoot, Rebecca starts off in a jeweled bra top, short denim shorts, a new sparkly belt she picked up in the San Antonio airport and cowboy boots. It's a little saloon girl on top and cowgirl on the bottom.

Rebecca works her way shooting pictures up the River Walk to the Coyote Ugly Saloon, where Lilian meets her. The Raw Diva and ring announcer is so excited when she gets there, she immediately rushes inside to check out the Coyote Ugly girls dancing on top of the bar to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."

"I was so excited when I got the call to be part of the shoot," Lilian gushes. "Now that I'm shooting at Coyote Ugly… I love that movie. I've watched it so many times. The story of a girl trying to be a singer…" Lilian is a recording artist herself with an album due out at the end of summer.

The movie isn't the only reason she is excited to be shooting there. Back in Lilian's party girl days, she used to hang out at a Manhattan bar called Red Rock that had a similar vibe to it.

"I used to get up on the bars and sing and dance," she recalls. "It's like a stage to me."

Lilian quickly begins texting Jen, a friend she met at Red Rock. Jen had worked at the club as a fire breather. Lilian, the thrill seeker, would love to breathe fire as part of the photo shoot and is trying to get in touch with her friend so she can get a quick lesson. Even though she can't get in touch with her, Lilian has a blast taking pictures at Coyote Ugly in her pink cowboy hat and matching boots.

Meanwhile, Victoria passes the time waiting for her shoot doing one of her favorite activities: shopping! Inside a five-and-dime on the River Walk, she becomes giddy over some novelty items in the store, and falls in love with a whoopee cushion device that has a built-in timer.

"I love flatulence," she laughs as the machine lets out its noise. The toy will be a big hit in the locker room. Before leaving the store, she also picks up a pair of false teeth. "The browner the better," says Victoria. 

Now dark outside, it's time for Victoria, our final Diva of the day. The nightlife is really hopping in San Antonio, which makes it perfect for a cruise along the river. Victoria takes several pictures on top of one of the famous tour boats. When the former Women's Champion is asked how she feels about being part of the first, exclusive Diva shoot, she admits that she's been a part of many firsts during her tenure with the company.

"I'm like Mrs. Robinson, taking you under my wing and showing you the way to do it, the right way," she laughs.

With getting ready to make some major changes to the Divas section of the website, Victoria is excited they will be getting more exposure online. "Everyone's been taking this shoot very serious," she says. "All the details that have been taken care of today… it really makes you feel like a Superstar."

The last picture snaps, and the first day of shooting ends on a high note. The shoot was a success. Tomorrow, Women's Champion Mickie James and SmackDown Diva Kristal will have their turns.

Stay tuned to to check out more sizzling pictures of the Sexiest Women on Television.

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