Ashley interviews Bow Wow

Ashley interviews Bow Wow

For the fourth installment of's Superstar to Superstar, former Diva Search winner and current SmackDown Diva Ashley took a few minutes to catch up with hip-hop Superstar Bow Wow. The young rapper, who has also starred in a number of movies and is an avid WWE fan, just released his fifth album, The Price of Fame.

Ashley: Hey, Bow Wow. How's it going?

Bow Wow: I'm doing great, Ashley how are you?

Ashley: Good, I want to talk to you about your new album called The Price of Fame. They say it's a personal diary of what's happened to you in your life for the last year and a half.

Bow Wow: Yea, well it's really there to bring my recent experiences to life. I want to make albums that people can relate to, so by talking about my personal relationships, I've found that I can be successful. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Ashley: I love it! So, you team up with Chris Brown on your first single "Shortie Like Mine."  I'm curious as to where you're coming from on that track.

Bow Wow: Basically, it's a record about a guy who is really excited about his woman. She's like a trophy to him. He's really proud of her and he likes to brag about her. She does things for him that nobody else can, and he's happy to have her and show her off. Chris Brown and I have worked together in the past, and it went well, so we wanted to keep it going.

Ashley: Tell us about working with Lil Scrappy, Pimp C, Lil Wayne and some others on the song called "4 Corners" which, by the way, is a song title that's right up the WWE fans alley.

Bow Wow: Haha, basically it's like four guys representing a different corner of the country. We've all got our own style and we bring it to this record. It's definetly a song you can body slam somebody to. It's a little edgier, almost a street type record.

Ashley: I heard about your new animated series on MTV called Homeboyz. What's up with that? Can you tell me a little about it?

Bow Wow: It's a cartoon I came up with. It's about four guys, myself and my three best friends, and basically how we get down. Everyone came to me to do a reality show, but I never wanted to do it. I wanted to show people my life, but do it differently than the normal reality show, and that's how Homeboyz came about.

Ashley: You've got everything going and you're still a young guy. Is it true you have a clothing line?

Bow Wow: Yea. Well I did have a clothing line, but not anymore. I basically just shut it down because we didn't have much going on. But, I'm involved in a lot of other things as well. I just opened a McDonald's franchise and I own a sneaker store down here in Atlanta. I'm also talking with the Atlanta Hawks about a possible ownership role.

Ashley: That's awesome. Next time I'm in Atlanta you're going to have hook me up with some new kicks! I have to ask, have you ever been to a WWE show?

Bow Wow: Definetly, I've been to many. I'm still a wrestling fan today. I love it and still watch. I remember recently when they were here, I saw it on the marquee and had to get tickets. I sat front row and everything and had a lot of fun.

Ashley: That's amazing. We love having you at our shows. I have one last question, and it's a tough one, so that's why I saved it for last. I heard you were dating Ciara. Is that still going on?

Bow Wow: No, I'm single now but I'm always waiting for your call.

Ashley: Well Bow Wow, hopefully I'll be able to see you at a WWE show in the near future so I can finally meet you in person. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Good luck with your album, I can't wait to hear it!

Bow Wow: Okay, thanks for the call, Ashley.

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