I love WWE

I love WWE

WWE fans have seen and felt an immense presence in the audience at Raw, SmackDown and ECW over the last several weeks. Russian grappler Vladimir Kozlov liked what he saw at the WWE shows, and soon hopes to make his mark as a Superstar.

Kozlov's intimidating presence is not just because of his massive size, but also his achievements in the Russian martial art of Sambo. Not only was he the 2005 USA Open Heavyweight Sambo Champion, but he was also the United States Kickboxing Association (USKBA) International Heavyweight Grappling Champion.

"Growing up I always played sports and wrestled," said Kozlov. "Kids picked on me because I was big, to test me. I am a very nice person, but if someone starts to push me, it's a different story."

Wrestling isn't the only sport Kozlov's has excelled in. He played American football for the Ukrainian National Team before playing for Santa Barbara College. He was known as an aggressive player who loved to tackle.

"People feared me because I was big and had good speed," he laughed.

Despite receiving many honors, Kozlov stepped away from football to pursue his lifelong passion for wrestling, and began competing in amateur wrestling competitions. Having attended numerous WWE shows in the recent weeks, Kozlov looks to add another chapter to his already accomplished wrestling career.

"I love WWE," said Kozlov. "The only thing I would love more is to be in WWE crushing its champions."

Tuesday night when he was asked his thoughts on the main event between ECW World Champion Lashley and Rob Van Dam, Kozlov said with confidence, "I could beat both of them."

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