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On Aug 1, 2006, the day the WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick took on ECW's F.B.I. from New YOrk City's Hammerstein Ballroom, London and Kendrick opted to take part in the second edition of "1440." 

24 Hours in the life of the "Intergalactic Karate Kid" Paul London

2 a.m. 
I was woken up by a banging on my hotel room door. It was Rene Dupree…I forgot he was crashing in my room. Rene is a big mooch. He always tries to get as much stuff off me as he can, that slimy bastard.

I no-sold the door-knocking just to see how long his dumb ass would stay at the door knocking. Twenty minutes later I let him in, and I went back to sleep. I usually sleep about four hours; four to five per night before matches.

Rene and I checked out of our hotel and headed over to Brian's hotel to pick him up and head to NYC for the ECW show at the Hammerstein Ballroom. It's about a 45-minute drive from our hotel because we stayed in New Jersey; somewhere in Newark near Newark Airport. We never want to stay in downtown NYC. One, we just can't afford it; two, it's a headache driving around the City.

1:15 p.m.
I hate driving in NYC because everyone is in such a rush to get somewhere. They think they're the only ones with somewhere to be and no one's paying attention. As we were driving in Manhattan -- I can't remember what exit we took -- we were trying to switch lanes because I had to make a turn. Brian said that I was good to go and so I just trusted him -- him being my partner and everything -- I trusted that he wouldn't lead us to our death. So, I took a quick glance like I learned in drivers ed, swerved and then hit the breaks because he yelled, "Oh sh*t, stop! We're about to die."

2 p.m. 
The Manhattan Center or the Hammerstein -- whatever you want to call it -- is connected to the New Yorker Hotel, and on that corner is a diner. I can't remember what it's called. I want to say the Skylark Diner or something like that. But we've eaten there before. It's a pretty good little dive. But it was packed, so we figured we'd do up the whole New York thing.

We check in at the arena and head next door to the Skylark Diner where I order some type of sandwich before being rudely disrupted by some lady behind me who had her long hair braid draped over my seat so I couldn't sit back (see photo). 

The hair incident happened close to the end of our meal. So I lean forward -- when I talk, sometimes I get really into what I'm saying and lean forward -- and I went to lean back, and I had this hair braid massage. I was like, "What the f*ck?" I look back and the chick behind me had her head swooped down and she was just sitting back, all relaxed, and her hair braid was over into my seat; I couldn't lean back. I should have just leaned back on it and kind of obnoxiously just pulled on it and say, "Oh, I'm sorry you dumb biznatch."

So for the rest of the meal I'm looking back kind of disgusted at this lice-infested waterfall hanging over my seat. Fortunately, we were done eating. I'm a big germophobe.

2:50 p.m.
Rene, Brian and I take a cab and head to the NBA Store where I drop close to $300 on some sweet merch, including a brand new Charlotte Bobcats Adam Morrison jersey (my favorite basketball player) and an Austin Toros (the developmental team in my hometown) hat and some other stuff.

Actually, when I was younger, I thought, hey, I might have a chance to get into the NBA. I'm pretty good at basketball. I'm only 5'9" or 5'8." I'm 5'10" now. But I love basketball. It's my favorite sport other than wrestling, and I follow it even though the NBA is slowly declining. I'd have to say my favorite team is the Charlotte Bobcats. I think they have a good shot at being a good team this year. But I also like the Grizzlies. I don't know; it's a tossup between the Grizzlies, Jazz, Bobcats and Clippers.

I got into wrestling when I was 10. It was just something I really enjoyed, but I didn't envision myself doing it because I didn't know -- I just figured it was something that people just did. I had no clue how to get into it.

4:00 p.m.
We get back to the Hammerstein to chill in the building before the ECW show. By the way, the feed there was awesome, but I was so not hungry due to the meal I had earlier—including the loss of appetite thanks to hair-bear at the diner.

The food was awesome. Seriously. Our food [at SmackDown events] is the same every week. I'm not one to diss, but the chicken breast could kill a slug, man. It's got so much sodium in it. It's like a saltlick. So I went to the ECW show and it just looked really good. What sucked was that we had stuffed ourselves at the Skylark Diner, so we finally have all this good food and I'm not hungry at all. It was lame, so I only got to look at it and enjoy it visually.

8:30 p.m.
Your SmackDown Tag-Team Champions debut in the Hammerstein to a mixed reaction from the ECW crowd. The ECW fans are real loyal to their brand, and rightfully so. It's completely unique. When we came out, they saw two SmackDown guys, which prompted an "FU-SmackDown." I kind of got a chuckle out of that. They wanted to boo us, but we were giving them everything we could, and we wanted to entertain them. Although we were both pretty banged up after our match with the F.B.I., we still had a blast and were stoked.

It was the first time Brian and I competed at the Hammerstein, and we had a blast showing the ECW fans what we're really all about—putting our bodies on the line. I think, in the end, we won over most of the crowd. They saw that we were willing to go out there and kill ourselves to win them over. Those fans [ECW fans] are very smart—and when you really bust your ass and lay it all out there -- and we felt like we really did that—well, let's just say that the boos were less when we left. And there were a few more cheers.

Driving back to our hotel, I pull over so Brain can throw up…then we get lost. He was banged up. Well, we were both kind of banged up after the match, and Brian had a slightly busted nose, and he was feeling crappy afterwards -- kind of dizzy. And we drove -- well, I drove -- because Rene never drives. You don't want Rene to drive because he's the worst driver ever. I don't think he knows what one-way roads mean.

So, he's in the passenger seat and Brian's actually throwing up out the window, which is only partially rolled down. There's puke and crap and foam -- there was a lot of foam coming out of his mouth -- I thought he had rabies. [As he was] spewing out the crack in the window, I'm like, "Dude!" Then I pulled over. We're on the side of the road, and he's throwing up. I decide I'm gonna go out there and help him.

I start doing the complimentary, "Come on, cough it all out. Throw it all up." And then this cop pulls up, and I was like, "Oh sh*t." And thought he would think we were doing some kind of drug deal or something. Who knows what the hell he's probably thinking? Maybe he thought we were looking for prostitutes. Who knows? Newark—you can't trust anybody in Newark, New Jersey. But he [the cop] asks, "Are you guys alright?" And I go, "Yup." And he goes, "Alright."

Then he just drove off. It was fine. So, after Brian was finally done hurling, we put him back in the car, headed to the hotel, and, yeah, our night didn't end there either.

2:00 a.m.
Seeing as I have the sugary sweet smile, I got us the hookup at the hotel, and this lady hooked us up with the suite, out of the blue. It was weird.

She goes, "Oh, you like this room? You like this room?"

And at first I thought she was pulling a prank on me, but no, we open it up, and it's this badass, huge room. Brian just went right to the couch and crashed. And we were like, "Dude, sleep on one of the beds. You need to sleep on a bed, man."

And Brian said, "No, I'm okay. I'm okay."

So he's sleeping on the couch. One of Rene's friends came over and we just started hanging out. And we tried to get Brian up to hang out with us, but then we ended up all leaving to get food. When we got back, Brian was sleeping in the closet on the floor. There was this big ass closet. The closet was like the size of normal hotel rooms, and he was sleeping on the floor with the door closed. We're like, "What the hell?" I thought he turned into a vampire. We thought Kevin Thorne bit him and he was in the transformation phase, so we didn't go near him. We didn't bother waking him up. But we checked on him to make sure he didn't throw up and die like Spinal Tap. It was an eventful night.

Rene and I both stayed up. We didn't go to bed. His friend was there. We were all having a good time, hanging out. And we just hung out all night and didn't go to sleep, which actually happens a lot.



9:21 a.m.
I am awake; I don't want to be, but I can't ignore the noise coming from one of the rooms next to me. I don't know which one of the rooms next to me or what the noise is. It sounds like a weed whacker, and the walls are cement, so pounding does no good. Nuts to sleeping, it's TV time. Tuesday mid-morning television that is.

9:31 a.m.
Yes!! Mel Gibson. Ha, very entertaining bit of news. I turned on the TV, and I never watch the news, but this was everywhere on the news that day.

I just like it; anytime somebody that's celebrated -- anybody famous -- anytime they do something stupid, or put their foot in their mouth, I just love it. And that's exactly what happened. He got caught drunk driving and saying slurs, and it entertained the living hell out of me.

9:43 a.m.
Poop count - 1

10:52 a.m.
Talked with Paul London; him and Rene Dupree should be here at noon. We shall see. Paul's not too bad [as far as being unreliable]. Not to the point where it's obnoxious or anything.

11:44 a.m.
All ready to go. I am underpacked for the extra day, so I am wearing dirty clothes. I have an especially sloppy shave due to the lack of shaving cream and the lack of energy to find more. I haven't packed a comb to brush my gnarled hair. I will be a laughing stock today at the ECW show.

I still have to wear my bis-cas [business casual attire], so I was wearing my button-shirt and slacks, but they were the same button-shirt and slacks I've been wearing for days. I try to get the most out of the clothes that I can, and then this was an additional day that we had to be there that got sprung on me last minute, so they were especially dirty clothes.

11:45 a.m.
I tried calling Paul, but strangely enough, it went to his machine after two rings. Hmmm…I have my suspicions. It usually takes six or seven rings or no rings at all [to get to voicemail], but two rings was a little odd. I'm a little fumed in my head. I was wrong. He has been here the whole time. I'm an assh*le.

11:50 a.m.
I am wrong and a jerk. Paul is here and waiting in the lobby and has no phone reception, and he's still waiting now while I finish writing this sentence, sorry pal.

He's [Paul] a very patient guy. He's actually right next to me, but he actually is an honest to goodness good dude. I could see me making him late, but normally I'm pretty good about being on time.

12:23 p.m.
At the Manhattan Center, and it is $42 for parking. I don't think there's anywhere to park on the streets in Manhattan. There might be, but…we pay it. No choice. Lame, they got us; 42 stinking dollars. We split it three ways between Rene and Paul and myself. Almost always, everybody will split stuff on the road.

12:52 p.m.
Rene, Paul and I are sitting in a diner in Manhattan.

Smoked Turkey and Mango wrap to look forward to. I am excited, that should be obvious, just look at this bad boy. (see pic)

It sounded better than it really was to be honest with you. I was excited because I never heard of such a thing. Eh, it was all right. I think it had a good picture on the menu, and it looked appetizing in person, but it's mango and turkey. At the end of the day, it's a bad idea, you know?

1:26 p.m.
Paul is distraught because of the hair on the booth right next to him. I can't wait to see how this develops. Will he move next to Rene? Will he sit there and just take it until they leave? Will he move the hair with his utensils leaving him to ask for new ones?

The hair incident kind of ruined his dining experience for a few minutes. He couldn't lean back in his chair, but I think he cozied up to Rene after that.

We made comments [to the woman about the hair], but nothing that would have been funny or taken out of context. I mean, hey, look at her -- that was as big as you'll get. It was funny at the time, you know.

2:34 p.m.
We are at the NBA Store and I don't know who any of these players are, except the legends. I feel very old in here. The Charlotte Bobcats [the jersey that London bought] made me feel old. I remember the Charlotte Hornets becoming an expansion team when I was a kid. They had a heck of a team, there.

Paul is spending more than 200 smackers on National Basketball Association merchandise. He really enjoys basketball; I enjoy football. Somehow we still make it work.

3:35 p.m.
Time to go to the show and get prepared to wrestle ECW's F.B.I. I am excited about the chance to wrestle in front of an ECW crowd in an ECW building. I looked around inside earlier and it looks amazing.

I remember they used to run RAW there back in the day. And the way it is, it's just balcony stacked on top of balcony with the people [fans] practically on top of you. The ECW fans are just absolutely rabid to begin with. So, combining their enthusiasm and how everybody was crammed on top of each other, we just knew it was gonna be unreal. These people [ECW fans] are amazing.

It was a lot like before coming to WWE, during the time when I was in indy wrestling. It's the same sort of fans. Just these hardcore fans that -- there's the fans that love WWE and then there's these fans that like more of the fringe stuff. And these people will be on the Internet searching for tapes and all that stuff and just crazy fans. And that's what we expect, and that's what we got.

4 p.m. - The rest of the night
I ran face first into Tony Mamaluke's knee and my poor nose hurts. [At the hotel] Paul spalted back first onto the floor. We are in pain. I have a concussion. I have vomited on three separate occasions. I was vomiting out of the window of a moving car on the highway while Paul was driving. Paul actually had to pull over to the side of the road, and a cop showed up.

He gave us a look and Paul quickly kyboshed to the glare by explaining, "I've got a friend here who's vomiting on the side of the road." He [the cop] just puttered off. This guy's vomiting; he didn't want to hear anything about it. Just took off.

It's the three of us splitting a room. I don't normally split rooms, but the three of us split the room for the night. The closet is big -- it is a walk-in closet -- and it's dark. They [Rene and London] wanted to watch TV, and I didn't want to stop them. I think they're You Tubing stuff on the computer. Looking up old classic stuff and goofy sh*t like that, just looking for wrestling nonsense.

They would have been quiet, I'm sure. But I didn't want to ruin their time, and I have slept on floors for years and years. I don't mind sleeping on floors; I actually kind of prefer it. So I wound up in a nice, dark, damp spot and made myself comfortable.


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