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Friday, 11:45 a.m. PT
It's a few minutes before noon here in Marina Del Ray, and day two of the 2006 Diva Search is now getting underway. Just moments ago, the remaining aspiring Divas gathered in the auxiliary ballroom for a group photo and a pep talk from the judges. The group photo is the last time the girls will be together on this day, as the intense competition is just minutes away from heating up.

One of today's themes is "creative outfits". Accordingly, the green room looks like a Halloween party. Among the costumes being prepared in the green room are that of a devil, a cowgirl, a showgirl, and one outfit described as "sexy sweet gone naughty bad". 

The Garcia twins, also known as contestants No. 48 and No. 51, have traded in their nervousness for excitement. "It's more excitement today because yesterday was the hard part. Today, we are two of about 40 girls left. We are really pumped up right now. The Miz gave us a good talk and we are ready to go. We can't wait to get started."

The Garcia twins said The Miz also gave the competitors a warning. "The Miz basically told us, if you thought we were mean yesterday, you haven't seen anything yet."

The girls are employing the same strategy for today's competition as they used yesterday. "We are going to give it everything we have today. Balls to the wall, and no regrets. We aren't going to leave anything behind today."

The Garcia twins will need to stick to their strategy today if they hope to win the $250,000 contract and the right to be the WWE's newest Diva, and the next in the line of the sexiest women on TV.

3 p.m. PT

The opening round of Day two in the 2006 edition of the $250,000 Diva Search has ended and the competitors are now anxiously awaiting the final casting, when the list will be cut to eight finalists, and two alternates.

Just like yesterday, today's opening round was full of surprises. Contestant No. 17, Wrenna, came out dressed like Santa Claus, and just like jolly old St. Nick, she came bearing gifts. Wrenna handed out two separate boxes, one to each judge. When The Miz and Ashley opened their presents, they found out that they had both been naughty, because they received nothing but coal. The Miz received coal because he was "getting to close to the girls", and Ashley got hers because she was "smoking hot… and that's a sin".

Unfortunately for Wrenna, the judges weren't in the Christmas spirit, and she was sent packing.

Wrenna wasn't the only one cut in the opening round of day two. Contestant No. 18, Milena was cut by one of the judges. Her immediate response reflected true disappointment. In part, Milena was angry because she feels she is perfect for the role of WWE's newest Diva. "I am perfect for the role. I have an edge and my personality is really me. A lot of these girls have an act but with me, what you see is what you get. When I model, I'm not myself but here, I can let my true personality show, and that's what I desperately want to do."

Milena's story, however, was different than Wrenna's. After explaining her level of disappointment, and her desire to win, the judges decided to give Milena a second chance.

Contestant No. 5, Brandy, entered the day with butterflies in her stomach.
"I was definitely nervous earlier today because I knew we were getting close to the finals. I know that today we need to show a lot of personality and that's what I tried to do."

But, now that Brandy has advanced past today's first round, she is starting to feel the excitement in the air. "I can taste it a little bit, but I also know better than to jump to any conclusions. If they told me I was advancing to the final eight, I would probably cry. It would be such an honor."

Contestant No. 9, Hannah, has noticed a difference in the green room as the rounds have passed. "It's a lot more serious in here now. Girls are starting to get a lot more competitive than they were yesterday. In the opening rounds, everyone was really flirty and trying to make friends, but now that's all changed."

Hannah, who is also an accomplished tri-athlete, relates the Diva Search contest to running a big race. "I can feel my competitive edge coming out. It's like when you're trailing somebody in a race and they are just a few feet ahead of you and you're exhausted but you give everything you have to speed up and catch your opponents and beat them to the finish line."

If Hannah makes it to the finish line, she would be overwhelmed with joy. "I'd be ecstatic. It would change my life forever. I've worked so hard to get where I am so it would be great to finally make it." 

Representing the global media at today's events are cameras from Extra, MSNBC, TMZ.com, and once again, an assortment of local news affiliates. The cameras are all here to catch the announcement of the eight finalists in the hunt for the next of the sexiest women on television. When the announcements are finally made, WWE.com will be the first to know. Stay tuned throughout the afternoon for exclusive continuing coverage of the 2006 Diva Search contest.  

6 p.m. PT

After countless hours of auditions and casting, it all comes down to this. Today's second round has just finished, more cuts have been made, and now, what was originally a pool of close to 100 aspiring Divas has been sliced by more than two thirds.

For the judges, the hard part has only just begun. Having to further narrow the field down will not be easy. The Miz told WWE.com just how hard the process is. "I have changed my mind at least 100 times, my No. 1 girl isn't even here anymore. It's insane, I don't even know who I'm going to vote for right now. It's going to be very difficult."

Ashley agreed, "Like Miz said, our lists have been changing left and right, some girls pulled things out at the last minute that we didn't expect and some girls choked their spot away. We have a short amount of time to pick the finalists so it's going to be very tough. I'm going to have to concentrate really hard in making my decisions."

The final round of casting was full of emotion. Contestant No. 36, Stacy, brought herself to tears when telling the judges the tale of her fallen brother, who passed away while training for a career in professional football. Stacy, who successfully advanced through all four rounds of casting and is eligible to be selected as one of the finalists, told WWE.com how she wanted to be true to herself in competing for the $250,000 contract. "I'm confident in how I performed. I stayed true to myself, I didn't play a character and I never sold out. I believe the judges noticed and I think I have a good shot to be picked. I'm very determined to be a WWE Diva, and I want the whole world to know I'm doing this for my brother."

Contestant No. 29, Anna, showed her desire in a completely different way. When asked by the judges if she would be willing to cut her hair to get the job, she agreed without hesitation. "I would be more than willing to sacrifice my hair for the job, as long as they gave it to someone who needed it, I would do it without thinking twice. In a lot of ways, my hair is my life. Cutting it off would be like cutting off a finger or a toe, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to be a WWE Diva." Anna's motivations for competing to be the WWE's newest Diva extend beyond the $250,000 grand prize. "I really want to win this because I want to be able to set a good example for all the young women out there that watch WWE TV. I want to portray a positive image to all the young girls and I want them to know they can do it the right way and I want them to know they don't have to sell out. I'm really excited to be in this position and I can't wait for the final announcement."

In just a few moments, the judges will reveal their picks. For some, hearts will be broken and for others, a dream will begin. The finalists will get the opportunity of a lifetime to compete on RAW and SmackDown for the chance to win a $250,000 contract, and the chance to be newest WWE Diva, and the newest of the sexiest women on television.


7 p.m. PT

The judges have rendered there ruling...

Here are the Diva Search Finalists:

Milena Roucka -- Vancouver, British Columbia

Jen England -- Lansing, Michigan

Jennifer Walcott -- Youngstown, Ohio

Layla El -- Miami, Florida

Amy Zidian -- Orlando, Florida

J.T. Tinney -- Phoenix, Arizona

Maryse Ouellet -- New Brunswick, Canada

Rebecca DiPietro -- Providence, Rhode Island


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