Gregory Helms on the road to recovery

On March 5, Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms suffered a broken nose during a match at a SmackDown event in Brisbane, Australia. Last Thursday, March 16, Helms had successful surgery in North Carolina to repair the injury.

While the full extent of the injury was unknown until the operation took place, doctors found two fractures and a collapsed septum during the 90-minute surgery. "My right septum was collapsed, because the cartilage in the middle of the nose had completely shifted to the right," Helms told

Helms is now recuperating at home, and he anticipates that it will take about six to eight weeks before he is back at 100 percent. "They told me that it'll be at least four weeks before I can take any full contact, because any serious blows will re-break my nose easily. After that, it'll take a few weeks just to re-strengthen it."

While he won't be able to wrestle, Helms told that his injury doesn't mean you won't see him until he's healed. "I may be injured, but I'm still going to make my presence felt on SmackDown. I'm still the Cruiserweight Champion and the greatest cruiserweight alive, and even with a broken nose, I'm still better looking than all of the other cruiserweights. Think of this as the champ taking a little vacation, like I'm going to Disneyland or something."

Exclusive photos of Helms' injury and road to recovery
Helms' interview with prior to the surgery

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