Marty Jannetty: Did he have a choice?

Monday night on RAW, Marty Jannetty was prepared to kiss Mr. McMahon's ass for a WWE contract. Earlier in the night, Shawn Michaels tried to talk his former partner out of it, but Jannetty told him it was something he needed to do. While Jannetty didn't end up doing the deed, the question remains: what would drive someone to physically kiss another man's ass for a job?

In Jannetty's case, that question is easy to answer. In June 2004, he was arrested for driving under the influence, his third DUI conviction. In addition, Jannetty was cited for driving with a suspended license, a consequence of an earlier DUI charge. Luckily, Marty was spared incarceration in favor of two years probation. With his life falling apart around him, he even contemplated committing suicide before being saved by a phone call from old friend Shawn Michaels.

A year after the DUI charge, Jannetty's life looked like it was getting back on track after signing a WWE contract following two impressive appearances prior to WrestleMania 21. However, in June 2005 he was arrested again, this time on a domestic charge stemming from a dispute at his residence. Because of his probation, Jannetty was unable to bond out of jail; he was therefore unable to fulfill his contractual obligations, and ended up being released from his WWE contract.

The former Rocker spent the next several months trying to bounce back, but because of his legal troubles, it was difficult for him to travel and earn a living. Flat broke, Jannetty's life had taken a severe turn for the worse.

Enter Mr. McMahon.

With his world falling to pieces around him, Jannetty was finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The only thing he needed to do was kiss Mr. McMahon's ass…literally. While thousands of fans in Washington, D.C. and millions watching around were screaming no, did Marty really have a choice?

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