The buzz on "Viva La Raza - The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero"

The buzz on "Viva La Raza - The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero"

The new WWE DVD "Viva La Raza - The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero" (Order "Viva La Raza" now) features a masterful collection of Eddie Guerrero's greatest work as an entertainer and brings the WWE Universe closer to his amazing life than ever before.

The true magic of this DVD is that each of the exciting matches features captivating stories and observations by various WWE Superstars - such as Chavo Guerrero's retelling of when Eddie met actor/ director Rob Reiner or Chris Jericho's explanation of his first disastrous meeting with Latino Heat. Thanks to the heartfelt recollection of these experiences, the WWE Universe gains amazing insight into the relationships between Guerrero and those who loved him. This intensifies the experience for our fans in a way that gives them a greater connection to the matches that kept them entertained week after week. Some of the many excerpts from Superstars include: 

"He was a master of psychology from a standpoint of you listen to what the crowd does and you gauge from the crowd." - Matt Hardy

"He had every quality that creates a perfect wrestler and that's what Eddie Guerrero was." - Jeff Hardy

"Eddie was born with charisma and was born to be a wrestler" - Rey Mysterio

"He never made you feel like a rookie... He was the big brother I never had." - Batista

"I have been in easier car wrecks and street fights than what Eddie Guerrero and I did to each other ... wrestling Eddie Guerrero feels like a fantasy." - JBL

"We were both perfectionists. That's just the way Eddie was wired, and I loved that about him and I appreciated that about him. He was a pro and he wanted to be the best." - Edge

"It was hard not to like Eddie, even when he was the bad guy." - Michael Cole

But, the heart of the DVD is still the entertainment Guerrero produced every time he stepped in the ring. "Viva La Raza" features a barrage of amazing matches, right up until his last against Mr. Kennedy, shown in its entirety. Overall, "Viva La Raza - The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero" is a tremendous opportunity for each member of the WWE Universe get inside the WWE Superstar experience.

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