Volcanic eruption causing travel chaos for WWE Superstars in Europe

Volcanic eruption causing travel chaos for WWE Superstars in Europe

The Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallaj"kull has wreaked havoc on the European travel scene, including the itineraries of WWE's Raw and SmackDown Superstars and Divas traveling on the final legs of their two-week post-WrestleMania tour.

The mid-Atlantic volcano began to erupt violently Wednesday, sending a gigantic plume of ash into the atmosphere that contained tiny bits of rock and glass -- elements which could choke airplanes' jet engines.

With air space being closed to travel due to safety concerns all over Europe, travel agents got quite a workout as the Superstars and Divas re-routed their journey to their next Live Event via any means necessary, whether by train, ferry or coach bus.

That also prompted many of the Raw Superstars and Divas heading to Belfast, Northern Ireland, to post Twitter updates on their predicament.

United States Champion, The Miz (Twitter):

  • Just got done in Lievin, france have a 2 hour bus ride then hour ferry ride then 7 hour bus ride then another ferry ride then 3 hour bus ride to make it to the belfast show tomorrow. All of its nonstop..sleep's overrated anyway. Raw crew is awesome.
  • Oh I forgot to mention the 6 hour bus ride before the show in lievin, france. due to air fields being shut down by a volcano that's a 1st
  • First 2 hour drive, 1 hour ferry ride, and 7 hour bus ride r done. Now another ferry n a 3 hour bus ride to get us in belfast just in time

Chavo Guerrero (Twitter):

  • The Volcano threw us a curve ball, but we made the show in Lievin(thanks to police escorts) & somehow we'll make the show tom.in Belfast!

Divas Champion Eve Torres (Twitter):

  • Going from a 6 hr bus ride, to 2 hr bus ride, a ferry ride, a 7 hr drive, 2 another ferry ride, & a final 3 hr donkey ride into Belfast!
  • Volcano eruptions or not, the show must go on!

Maryse (Twitter):

  • Yay we made it in ireland, Belfast better be HOT for the Diva of the Divas! Hahaha yeeeahhhhhh!!! Be sexy

Evan Bourne (Twitter):

  • Dear Iceland, Have a little respect and use an ashtray! You re making my travel very difficult. Thx EB ✌

Saturday's event in Innsbruck, Austria, and Sunday's event in Istanbul, Turkey, have already been rescheduled due to the ash-related delays. (MORE INFO)

Stay tuned to WWE.com all weekend for news on Superstar travels and any further Live Event schedule changes.

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