WWE Fan Nation speaks out!

WWE Fan Nation speaks out!

With the tragic wedding of Teddy & Kristal behind us and No Mercy on the horizon, the WWE Fan Nation has been vocal about numerous issues on WWE.com.

With the WWE Fan Nation's previous clairvoyance about Superstars' performance, more and more in the locker room are taking note in the results of WWE.com polling.

Attack payback?

The WWE Fan Nation is anxiously looking ahead to No Mercy and The Game's meeting with the beast he brutalized, the former Intercontinental Champion, Umaga. In a recent WWE.com poll asking if The Game will regret his brutal sledgehammer attack on Umaga, only 31% said that Triple H will, in fact, rue the day he attacked the Samoan Bulldozer on Raw, putting the powerhouse out of action. But 69% believe that The Cerebral Assassin will be able to outwit and defeat any challenge the Samoan giant can throw his way in their No Mercy matchup.

WWE Fan Nation was also asked if WWE Champion John Cena would lose his title because of his father's recent involvement in his rivalry with Randy Orton. 65% of the more than 133,000 voters believe Mr. Cena's continued presence at ringside and at WWE events will lead to the end of Cena's year-long title reign. But on the other hand, 35% believe that Mr. Cena's presence is inspiring to his son, The Champ, and he should continue to support his son at ringside or in whatever way possible.

In one other title-tilting decision, 62% of WWE Fan Nation believes that Women's Champion Candice Michelle will be able to overcome the physical Glamazon, Beth Phoenix once again to retain her championship if they meet in the ring with the gold on the line. 38% believe Beth is too determined and too strong to be stopped once again.

Cut to the Chase

As the ECW locker room continues to battle to decide who will face ECW Champion CM Punk at No Mercy, WWE Fan Nation has its own view of who will be left standing in General Manager Armando Estrada's Elimination Chase to No Mercy.

54% of the more than 108,000 voters believe ECW Original Tommy Dreamer will be on the outside looking in after the Chase's Triple Threat Match this week on ECW on Sci Fi. 43% believe Kevin Thorn will be defeated and eliminated from the Chase, while just 3% believe former No. 1 contender Elijah Burke will fall from title contention.

Gift givers

WWE Fan Nation put in its two cents about what Superstars should give as gifts to the lucky couple of SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long and Kristal on their wedding day. Unfortunately, as seen on SmackDown, the wedding couple was anything but lucky, as Long collapsed during the ceremony.

40% of nearly 60,000 fans said that money was a great all-purpose gift, while another 40% thought something from the fine selection of apparel and Superstar souvenirs at WWEShop.com would be fitting. Only 20% of fans thought a traditional wedding gift of silverware, candlesticks, or kitchen appliances would be proper for this untraditional couple.

A little thought

Finally, in light of Hornswoggle's claim to the McMahon family name, WWE Fan Nation was asked which little person in history made the biggest impact. 24% thought Verne "Mini-Me" Troyer was the biggest little celebrity, while 22% thought Lucky Charms spokes-leprechaun Lucky made the biggest splash. Former WWE Superstar Dink the Clown was given the nod by 9% of those surveyed.

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