Masters of the WWE Universe: 10 titanic toy tussles

Masters of the WWE Universe: 10 titanic toy tussles

Mattel's toy franchises collide

Masters of the WWE Universe: 10 titanic toy tussles

John Cena and He-Man in the same world? Or perhaps even on the same team? Only in the wildest dreams of WWE and He-Man fans – or through a wacky spell cast awry by Orko – would the realm of sports-entertainment somehow cross into Eternia, where the Masters of the Universe have waged battle for three decades. But what showdowns would ensue between the squared circle’s finest Superstars and the mightiest warriors of Eternia?

In celebration of He-Man’s 30th anniversary and the festivities of San Diego Comic-Con International 2012, offers its dream matchups, pitting the Masters of the Universe and Skeletor’s Evil Warriors against the decorated competitors of Raw and SmackDown. See 10 plastic pairings and toy tussles, featuring the WWE and Masters of the Universe Classics action figures by Mattel, plus catch bonus scenes in the exclusive “Masters of the WWE Universe” photo gallery.

Rey Mysterio & Man-E-Faces vs. Alberto Del Rio & Mer-Man

Masters of the WWE Universe: 10 titanic toy tussles

There’s something fishy about individuals with a royal bloodline, whether it be Mexican Aristocrat Alberto Del Rio or the ruler of Eternia’s aquatic realms, Mer-Man. The slimy combination of royalty will do battle with the versatile pairing of Rey Mysterio and Man-E-Faces in this Masters of the WWE Universe crossover encounter.

The most resourceful power of Eternia’s Heroic Warriors, Man-E-Faces’ unique abilities of adaptation stem from the fact that inside his fortified metal head, he does indeed have many faces. The Heroic Warrior’s capacity to change his visage between that of a normal man, a monster and a robot, also grants him the respective capabilities of each identity. He is able to adjust to any situation no matter the odds, making him the perfect partner for The Ultimate Underdog, Rey Mysterio. Through his many masks, Mysterio channels the power and rich heritage of all the luchadors that came before him. The pride in the great Mexican tradition allows The Master of the 619 to overcome treacherous situations and fly high above his opponents in the ultimate quest for victory.

Yet there may not be a more royally evil alliance than the pairing of Del Rio and Mer-Man. The descendent of Mexican royalty, a two-time WWE Champion, Royal Rumble Match winner and Money in the Bank Ladder Match winner, Del Rio exudes confidence in and out of the squared circle just as Mer-Man does in his domain – the undersea depths of Eternia. Surfacing when Skeletor calls upon him to battle He-Man and the Heroic Warriors, Mer-Man lurks in the shadows of the sea, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. The combination of Del Rio’s confidence and Mer Man’s agility and command over the creatures of the deep gives them a daunting advantage.

Combining their unique abilities to adapt and overcome insurmountable odds, it’s possible that Rey Mysterio and Man-E-Faces will emerge victorious. It is also highly likely that the egos of The Mexican Aristocrat and the ruler of the Eternia’s seas will clash, leaving Del Rio’s lackey Ricardo Rodriguez staring down the many faces of The Master of the 619 and the multi-talented Heroic Warrior, Man-E-Faces. — KEVIN POWERS

The Miz & Leech vs. Kofi Kingston & Buzz Off

Masters of the WWE Universe: 10 titanic toy tussles

Somewhere up in the air above Eternia, a team of vividly attired protagonists is born as Kofi Kingston & Buzz-Off take flight in tandem. Their opponents? A batch of bottom-dwellers with a knack for sucking the life out of others, The Miz & Leech.

Vibrant in gear and spirit, Kingston enlists Buzz-Off – the regal insectoid king of the bee-like Adreenids – as an honorary Boom Squad member to protect the innocent and create some buzz in the squared circle. Winged and armed, Buzz-Off’s speed and aerial efficacy complement his multiple-time Intercontinental and U.S. Title holding cohort and permit for Boom Drops from potentially lofty heights on Miz and his bog-birthed ally.

Leech, the suction cup-equipped and truly vile villain from the Lake of Gnarl’s furthest depths, is a behemoth well suited for The Miz’s wicked scheming and treachery. The green monster’s magically enhanced energy-draining powers and brute strength are perhaps potent enough to even restore The Awesome One’s one-time WWE Championship reign, depleting the lifeblood of the WWE Universe one drop at a time.

Alas, what goes up, must come down. Kofi & Buzz-Off fall short of their nemeses’ ruthlessness … a result that sucks, as Leech ensures by absorbing his rivals’ strength. Fortified by the fluid energy of both a stinging warrior – Buzz-Off – as well as WWE’s dynamic defender – Kofi – Leech and The Miz snare the victory for the (awesomely) Evil Horde. — CRAIG TELLO

Randy Orton & King Hssss vs. Santino Marella & Kobra Khan

Masters of the WWE Universe: 10 titanic toy tussles

Only one battle amongst the Masters of the WWE Universe could truly turn venomous given its participants. So will Randy Orton & King Hssss tip the scales of success in their favor, or will Santino Marella & Kobra Khan rattle their rivals enough to prevail?

King Hssss certainly has experience on his side, having led the infamous Snakemen with a power that’s been battle-tested before many modern-day warriors were even born. (Even the Sorceress concedes that the regal reptile’s magic is as old as the Elders themselves.) The King of the Snakemen also has a kindred spirit in WWE’s Apex Predator, considering both he and Orton display a cold and calculated approach to every challenge and execute it with ruthless efficiency.

Of course, Santino Marella and Kobra Khan each possess a great equalizer that could swing the momentum back in their favor. The Italian rapscallion may like to toot his own horn when leading his invisible brass band, but he backs up the braggadocio by leveling his opponents with just one strike from his green-socked “Cobra.” Khan, on the other hand, can create a similar effect just as easily by expanding his hood to spray a sleep mist that never fails to incapacitate its target.

Due to the possibility of a double-cross by the Snakemen against their Superstar partners, this clash can only end in a no contest. It remains to be seen whether Khan will ultimately support his Snakemen heritage or his teammate, while Marella could let his “Cobra” loose at the first hint of betrayal. Besides, it’s entirely possible that Randy Orton may be more tempted to prove himself as the king of the reptiles by drawing King Hssss’ five intertwined serpent faces out of hiding and hitting each of them with an RKO. — MATTHEW ARTUS

Zack Ryder & Fisto vs. Dolph Ziggler & Faker

Masters of the WWE Universe: 10 titanic toy tussles

Passionate members of the “Zack Pack” show their support for Zack Ryder by pumping their oversized foam “Broski” fists in the air, but steel-knuckled He-Man ally Fisto has effectively weaponized the celebratory gesture. With a giant right fist capable of knockout blows that would make even Big Show nervous, Eternia’s heroic hand-to-hand fighter teams up with the Long Island Iced-Z to take on the treacherous team of Dolph Ziggler & Faker.

Ryder’s uncanny ability to rally the WWE Universe through his mastery of social media has made him one of WWE’s most beloved Superstars, entertaining his fans online through his popular YouTube series or connecting with them in 140 characters or less on Twitter. Fisto, meanwhile, is incredibly proficient in close-quarters combat, and has used his massive metallic right hand to pummel the likes of Jitsu, Spikor, Whiplash and the rest of Skeletor’s Evil Warriors.

Built for precision attacks, the evil automaton Faker takes fatigue, pain and emotion completely out of the equation. In fact, the blue-skinned doppelganger of He-Man has never once chuckled at an episode of “Z! True Long Island Story.” He’s serious, bro. Complementing Faker’s mechanical stoicism is the flashy Ziggler, a former World Heavyweight, Intercontinental and United States Champion who backs up his boasts with incredible technical proficiency between the ropes.

As much as The Showoff might balk at the Broski Boot and shrug off the threat of Fisto’s intimidating right hand, his overconfidence might lead to Ziggler & Faker’s downfall as Ryder & Fisto fist-pump their way to victory. Triumphant alongside his bearded “Broski,” Ryder could then go on to more important matters … like getting Teela’s phone number. — JAMES WORTMAN

CM Punk & Man-At-Arms vs. Daniel Bryan & Trap Jaw

Masters of the WWE Universe: 10 titanic toy tussles

A battle between WWE Champion CM Punk and Daniel Bryan is already a supreme contest between two masters of the mat. Still, when each of them teams up with one of Eternia's top gladiators (Master of the Universe or Evil Warrior), there are no limits to the action bound for the squared circle.

Man-At-Arms is not only a veteran battler, but also an extremely resourceful builder of weaponry and vehicles for the Royal Family of Eternia – not to mention a close friend and confidant to Prince Adam and one of the few people to know the secret that he is also He-Man. This perfect combination of loyalty, humility and resourcefulness makes him ideal to team with a Superstar who thrives in the spotlight. Enter WWE Champion CM Punk. As the outspoken Second City Saint is never one to play back-up to anyone, Duncan (a.k.a. Man-At-Arms) will be more than comfortable letting him take the lead, while he works diligently in the perimeter to give his combination the edge, just when things are looking completely hopeless.

Will Daniel Bryan do anything to win? “Yes!” Does he have an arsenal of submission weapons at his disposal? “Yes!” Is that arsenal – and his mouth for that matter – more dangerous than that of the notorious Trap Jaw? Well, that’s a little tougher to call. Skeletor’s ruthless wizard of weaponry is so named for the multitude of powerful “foreign objects” that he houses on his mechanical arm (from a dangerous laser to more pointed devices designed to “hook” the competition). Perhaps his most menacing attribute, however, is the bite of his infamous steel jaw. That leaves the WWE Universe wondering what their opponents will fear more: Trap Jaw’s bite or Bryan’s excruciating “Yes!” Lock?

As CM Punk is used to taking on overwhelming odds, he will most likely throw himself into the fray against both Bryan and Trap Jaw in a de-facto two-on-one assault. This will leave Man-At-Arms to do what he does best, namely create. Both WWE’s “Yes!” man and his metal-mouthed ally will both prove extremely formidable, but when presented with the opportunity for greatness, neither warrior’s ego may want to play second fiddle to the other. Meanwhile, as the resilient Punk endures a great deal of punishment – suffering both submission stretching and more weapon wounds than an ECW reunion – the fourth member of the match will get loose in the shuffle.

Under such cloud cover, Man-At Arms will no doubt whip up a fierce weapon – maybe something fusing the nearby Spanish announce table with every steel chair in the arena. Just when Trap Jaw is about to take a bite out of the competition and end it all, he will suddenly find himself neutralized by the multi-steel onslaught of this concealed concoction, leaving the WWE Champion free to hit the Go To Sleep on Bryan for the victory. — MIKE BURDICK

Sheamus & She-Ra vs. Beth Phoenix & Hordak

Masters of the WWE Universe: 10 titanic toy tussles

The fight for Etheria and the WWE Universe is one readily championed by Sheamus and a woman of equal poise and will, “The Most Powerful Woman in the World,” She-Ra. But the crown of He-Man’s twin sister is coveted by her once-adopted father, Hordak, and the dominant Diva, Beth Phoenix.

Desirous of She-Ra (aka Princess Adora), Beth becomes the instrument of Hordak and an evil heiress to the Evil Horde overlord’s estranged “daughter.” Just as Hordak once mentored She-Ra, the nefarious tyrant convinces Phoenix to confront the Princess of Power in an attempt to reclaim control over Eternian and Etherian realms alike.

Brutish and guile, the fiery-haired Sheamus steps forth as the rugged combatant to look Hordak directly in his scarlet eyes, while She-Ra tussles with the former three-time Women’s Champion. The healing factor of She-Ra and the vast arsenal of The Great White – not unlike Adora’s loyal friend, Bow – present a great defense against the Evil Horde and its freshly christened Diva disciple.

In possession of the Power Sword, The Glamazon would arguably be near unbeatable. But Phoenix would only wield She-Ra’s mighty weapon in her wildest dreams (or machinations of the fiend, Hordak). Barring any involvement from Hordak’s older brother and overlord, Horde Prime, The Great White proves knight beside the damsel, She-Ra, as the powerful pair overcomes their evil antagonists. — C.T.

Sin Cara & Roboto vs. Heath Slater & Clawful

Masters of the WWE Universe: 10 titanic toy tussles

Sin Cara doesn’t share many similarities with He-Man’s ally Roboto on the surface. The international sensation’s aerial wizardry will no doubt mesh with the technical – and technological – proficiency of the heroic automaton, though, when they join forces to take on the devious team of Heath Slater & Clawful.

Mexican marvel Sin Cara has dazzled crowds across the globe with his acrobatic offense, which he has used to dominate the likes of his longtime rival Hunico, Jack Swagger and, yes, even Slater on multiple occasions. Armed with a powerful ax and laser pistol and having proven crucial in battles with Skeletor and his minions, the Heroic Warrior known as Roboto approaches this collision with unrivaled focus that is as clear as his gear-filled torso.

Roboto will need that determination to combat “The One-Man Band” and “The Two-Clawed Crustacean.” Although Slater hasn’t exactly been chalking up many solo victories in his career, he has nevertheless been crowned WWE Tag Team Champion three times and has thus cemented himself as an impressive two-on-two competitor. Clawful, meanwhile, comes to this bout equipped with deadly claws that can crush any opponent – robotic or otherwise.

Among other things – including his singing ability and his lush mane of ginger hair – Heath Slater is proud of the fact that he isn’t allergic to shellfish, which will actually prove beneficial in teaming with Clawful for this contest. “The One-Man Band’s” tag team experience, coupled with the animalistic ferocity of Clawful, will allow them to keep Sin Cara grounded and send Roboto to the scrap heap. — J.W.

Hornswoggle & Orko vs. Michael Cole & Stinkor

Masters of the WWE Universe: 10 titanic toy tussles

What’s that smell? If it’s a nostril-stinging blend of stale barbecue sauce and patchouli oil, it just might be the pungent pairing of Michael Cole & Stinkor, two warriors who will collide with the mischievous-yet-endearing duo of Hornswoggle & Orko.

Largely inept at magic, as evidenced by his frequent spell-casting blunders, Orko has nevertheless joined He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Teela and the rest of Eternia’s Heroic Warriors on countless adventures, giving him the experience necessary to hold his own in even the most harrowing battles. The Trollan mage’s tendency to cause chaos wherever he goes is shared by Hornswoggle, who has been wreaking havoc inside, outside and even underneath the ring since his 2006 WWE debut. Although Hornswoggle lacks the levitating abilities of his tag team partner, the former Cruiserweight Champion has displayed aerial skills that would impress even Stratos.

Meanwhile, stenches aside, Cole & Stinkor make a formidable tandem. As a veteran ringside commentator and the self-professed “Voice of WWE,” Cole has gleaned grappling knowledge by witnessing countless World Championship bouts, and is currently undefeated on The Grandest Stage of Them All, WrestleMania. Stinkor, on the other hand, has in the past used his debilitating skunk-like odor to dispatch even the most battle-hardened of He-Man’s allies. Even though it is unknown whether Orko has a nose, one has to imagine that Stinkor’s legendary funk will prove to be a key factor in this in-ring encounter.

Assuming Hornswoggle & Orko have the forethought to come equipped with nose plugs (and to combat Cole, earplugs), it’s entirely possible that this diminutive pair will pull out an upset victory, sending Stinkor back to Skeletor with nothing but excuses. As for Cole, perhaps being bested by a clumsy magician and a leprechaun will quiet him for once. Hey, we can dream. — J.W.

Ezekiel Jackson & Snout Spout vs. Mark Henry & Beast Man

Masters of the WWE Universe: 10 titanic toy tussles

In a clash between Ezekiel Jackson & Snout Spout and Mark Henry & Beast Man, there’s enough girth and raw power to rock Castle Grayskull at its core.

While not playing as critical a role in as many of He-Man’s adventures as say Orko or Teela, Snout Spout (real name, Jaxton) has become a tremendous fan favorite through the years, largely because of his good nature and extreme bravery that is revered throughout Eternia. It is this heroic aspect of his character – not to mention the distinct ability to shoot massive amounts of water out of his huge metal trunk – that gives him a purely liquid advantage against all that would cross him. He finds a worthy partner in the former Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson. Built like He-Man himself – forged without the help of a magical sword – The Personification of Domination brings true muscle to match his elephantine partner. Together, they will need every inch of advantage they can get their hands on. For, at the other end of the ring stands the nearly indestructible combination of the mighty Beast Man and former World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry.

Never has the squared circle seen a more ferocious pair. While The World’s Strongest Man fights with the ferocious fury of an animal, Skeletor’s most loyal henchman is dangerously animalistic and even has the ability to call on wild beasts of all sorts to do his bidding.

Henry and the treacherous Beast Man will unscrupulously launch a double-team effort to weaken their mighty rivals, but the powerful vestiges of their crimson-clad opposition (a trunk in good ol’ Hose Nose’s case and burly arm in Jackson’s) are prime for both offense and defense.

In the end, an errant spray of water from Snout Spout’s elephant cranium douses Beast Man and slips up the big man, Jackson, leaving Henry open to administer a crushing World’s Strongest Slam and add two more names to the Hall of Pain (now relocated in Eternia). — M.B.

John Cena & He-Man vs. Big Show & Skeletor

Masters of the WWE Universe: 10 titanic toy tussles

It’s all come down to this. The fates of both Eternia and the entire WWE Universe will be decided when 12-time World Champion John Cena joins forces with He-Man, “The Most Powerful Man in the Universe,” to clash with the sinister Skeletor and the menacing Big Show in the main event of Mattel’s “Masters of the WWE Universe.”

Although hailing from West Newbury, Mass. – a landscape that bears little resemblance to the fantastical realms of Eternia – Cena is nevertheless engrained with the very same virtues that have made heroic powerhouse He-Man the most celebrated defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull. With He-Man’s legendary Power Sword and Cena’s ring-shaking Attitude Adjustment in their combined arsenal, this tandem could very well go down in history as “The Most Powerful Tag Team in the Universe.”

However, Big Show’s ferocious mean streak and incapacitating KO Punch might give Skeletor the necessary leverage to finally defeat his longtime rival He-Man in this anticipated in-ring encounter. Utterly decimating the likes of Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Brodus Clay, Zack Ryder and Santino Marella, The World’s Largest Athlete has proven that his affinity for wreaking havoc regardless of the consequences puts him on the same level as even the most sadistic of Skeletor’s Evil Warriors.

By the power of “Hustle, Loyalty and Respect,” John Cena & He-Man have the power! Countering Big Show’s WMD with a devastating knockout punch of his own, He-Man could very well cut The World’s Largest Athlete down to size in this epic bout. As for Skeletor, Masters of the Universe fans and WWE Universe Members alike would agree that the ruler of Snake Mountain has long been in need of an Attitude Adjustment, which the Cenation leader will be more than happy to deliver … and perhaps He-Man as well. — J.W.

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