Mark Henry and Marlon Wayans talk 'A Haunted House 2'

Mark Henry and Marlon Wayans talk 'A Haunted House 2'

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What was once consigned to the strangest corner of message-board fan fiction may well go down with the release of the new horror spoof “A Haunted House 2,” in which The World’s Strongest Man appears in a top-secret cameo alongside an all-star cast that includes his friend Marlon Wayans, who also co-wrote the film. On the eve of the comedy sequel’s release, caught up with Henry and Wayans to discuss the movie, the role and a potential Hollywood future for the former World Heavyweight Champion.

WWE.COM: How long have you two known each other?

MARLON WAYANS: I knew Mark before he got the cool bald head. I knew him back when he had those little nasty dreads. I’m glad he cut ’em off [laughs]. But really, I’ve known Mark for about four years now. I used to take my kids to WWE stuff all the time. So I befriended him there.

WWE.COM: How did Mark end up with a part in “A Haunted House 2”?

WAYANS: I knew he wanted to get into movies because he’s always talking about it all the time. I finally found a role and was like, “Hey, will you do this?” and he said [perfect Mark Henry impression] “Yeah, yeah, I’ll do it!” And it was funny! He was good.

MARK HENRY: Marlon told me that there was a role he felt like nobody could play it like I could play it. I went in and read and of course they loved it and said, “Look, we want you to be this character if you got the time.”

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WAYANS: He was game! He was like [another perfect Mark Henry impression], “Nah, man, let’s do it!” We didn’t have much time to film that, so he came in to film his part. He was kind of nervous at first, but I walked him through the first couple of [takes] and after the first two he was fine … It’s kind of funny. Seeing somebody that big scared is actually fun. It’s like seeing a bear scared of a skunk.

WWE.COM: What can you tell us about the role?

HENRY: I don’t want to let out too much about it. Let’s just say I’m a broken man.

WAYANS: I’ll just say this: He’s a prisoner. It’s a stretch for him, playing a big, buff, black prisoner. It’s a stretch[laughs]… I mean he’s perfect dude to do it! The name of the role in the script was “Big Buff Black Inmate.” I said, “Hey, this is perfect for him! This is tailor made for you!” He was the first person I thought of. We were able to work it out with his schedule, he came down and was great.

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WWE.COM: Have either of you seen the whole movie yet?

HENRY: I have not seen the whole film and I’m leaving for Saudi Arabia tomorrow so I’ll miss the premiere.

WAYANS: I’ve seen it like 200 times. I screened it in 25 cities, and I went to each city and did a Q&A at the screening. And I tell people at the Q&A I want them to tweet me at @MarlonWayans – that’s my Twitter and my Instagram – to tell me their opinion of the movie and I’m going to retweet it. I don’t care if it’s good, bad or ugly. If they hated it or loved it, I’m going to retweet it. And they did, and I retweeted them and I’ve gotten nothing but positive responses. And this is on social media, where everybody has something negative to say.

WWE.COM: What was your favorite reaction?

WAYANS: “I laughed so hard I farted.”

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WWE.COM: Do you get a lot of WWE fans who recognize Mark in the movie?

WAYANS: He gets the big applause, like “Oh yeah! That’s Mark Henry!”

WWE.COM: Mark, you’ve been in a couple of movies now, do you see acting as a potential career once you’ve finished your time in the ring?

HENRY: Oh, most definitely! It’s one of the things that I want to do. I’ve taken lessons, I’ve studied, I’ve read Stanislavski … it’s helped me in my profession and I know that it’ll help me in Hollywood.

WAYANS: I want to put him in another movie. In this one he’ll probably be the “Big Buff Black Henchman.” Always going to be big, buff, black. B, B, B.

WWE.COM: Marlon, last question is for you: As a fan of Mark’s work, Sexual Chocolate or World’s Strongest Man?

WAYANS: [Answer redacted to protect the guilty].

A Haunted House 2” is in theaters nationwide now, and co-stars Wayans, Jamie Pressly, Ashley Rickards, Cedric the Entertainer, Essence Atkins, Gabriel Iglesias and Affion Crockett.


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