Mavericks owner Cuban recalls WWE dust-ups

Mavericks owner Cuban recalls WWE dust-ups

Mark Cuban’s past experiences in WWE rings did not always end happily – being planted through a table in one instance, suffering an RKO in another. However, the outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks noted Wednesday that he might have to lean on his ring associates if his team’s courtship of NBA All-Star Deron Williams goes well.

The Mavericks are reportedly in the hunt to sign the New Jersey Nets point guard, who becomes a free agent this summer. Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov joked that he would “crush [Cuban] in a kickboxing throwdown” if the Mavs are successful in their pursuit of D-Will, ESPN reported Wednesday.

Never at a loss for words, Cuban cited his WWE résumé in an email response to ESPN.

“He obviously didn’t see me be the first in WWE history to put Sheamus on the mat,” Cuban wrote of his fellow billionaire mogul, Prokhorov. “He knows not what he gets himself into.”

As the guest star of a December 2009 edition of Raw, Cuban moderated a showdown between John Cena and The Celtic Warrior. While trying to pry the two gladiators apart, Cuban was shoved down by Sheamus. Once he recovered, the Mavericks owner sprang to his feet and replied in kind, knocking Sheamus to the mat. Shocked more than anything else, an irate Sheamus quickly overcame Cuban, spearing him through a table that stood in one corner of the ring. ( WATCH)

The Sheamus run-in was not Cuban’s first dust-up in WWE, however. At Survivor Series 2003, Cuban pushed an antagonistic Eric Bischoff out of the ring before falling to a surprise RKO by Randy Orton. ( WATCH)

Cuban would deliver some comeuppance during a December 2009 Raw. While serving as the special guest referee for a bout between Orton and Kofi Kingston, Cuban fast-counted Orton’s shoulders to the mat, leading to a Kingston victory. ( WATCH)

More than once, Cuban has displayed his resiliency before the WWE Universe. Just take heed, Mr. Prokhorov. That’s all we’re suggesting.

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