Your WrestleMania survival kit

Your WrestleMania survival kit

Hand Sanitizer
Clip Purell’s Jelly Wrap Carriers to your backpack or key chain and we guarantee Kaitlyn won’t be sickened by your clammy hands. $18 for a pack of 6,

The go-to marker for signature hunters, Sharpies are the best choice to ensure that 3MB’s autograph will last for generations. $3 for 2,

Pick up a 7-Day Unlimited MetroCard and jet from New York to New Jersey with ease! $29

Mountain Hardwear’s Ghost Whisperer Jacket
The Ghost Whisperer will help you brave spring chills. And if the sun comes out, it’s light enough so you won’t be sweating. $300,

Wi-Fi Digital Camera
The Canon Powershot S110’s wi-fi capabilities let you post to your favorite social-media sites in no time without those pesky logins! $450,

Extra Bag
Keep your swag in this rucksack by New Era. It’s big enough to hold your goodies, and is water-resistant, so it’ll be protected from rain, snow or spilled soft drinks. $85,

The North Face’s Etip Gloves allow you to work your phone or iPod while your hands stay toasty inside the stretch-knit shell. $45,

Poster Board
For $5 at STAPLES, you could craft a last-minute sign and make ’Mania history. Oh, you might want to pack a Thesaurus, too, in case you want to trash Damien Sandow. $5 for 10,

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