'WWE '13's' Change in Attitude

'WWE '13's' Change in Attitude

“WWE ’13’s” Change in Attitude

For “WWE ’13,” THQ developers sought to bring back WWE’s most outrageous era as a thank you to the franchise’s hardcore fanbase. And at first look, they’ve nailed it. We spoke with Cory Ledesma, THQ’s Creative Director for WWE Games, about our favorite Attitude Era moments, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and what to expect from this year’s game.

Relive WWE’s Attitude Era!
Gamers will utilize 35 different characters as they play through the biggest moments of the Attitude Era. Events include the rise of D-Generation X and “Stone Cold’s” rivalry with Mr. McMahon. Throughout the campaign, players unlock historically accurate features like ring gear, entrance music and even true-to-life bouts from your fave pay-per-view cards from that time.

It’s Got the Biggest Roster Ever!
This year’s installment will boast the largest crop of talent, both WWE Legends and current Superstars, ever seen in a WWE title to date. All told, gamers will have the choice of nearly 100 Superstars to play with, and that’s not even including the infinite number of created wrestlers and Divas available to you in that thing called your imagination.

“WWE ’13” tweaks the same engine as its predecessor, adding “catching finishers,” Ledesma says, which will allow grapplers to hit match-ending maneuvers on opponents who are either attacking from the top rope or using a springboard assault. Hardcore fans know that the only thing better than an RKO is an RKO delivered to someone helplessly flying through the air.

Predator Tech 2.0
Developers have also improved the way your Superstars interact with their environments, including tables, ladders and announce desks. Instead of wasting precious battling time trying to position your opponent in front of the Spanish announce desk, the game automatically hones in on those objects so that your maneuvers find that extra impact.

Oh Hell Yeah!
If you want to go full throttle, gamers who purchase the “WWE ’13 Special Edition” featuring “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on the cover — available for pre-order now on WWEShop.com — will receive in-game alternative “Stone Cold” attire, his ATV entrance, as well as a bonus Stone Cold DVD and hand-signed collector’s cards from The Texas Rattlesnake himself. And that’s the bottom line.

WWE Live!
THQ totally overhauled the sound in “WWE ’13.” For the first time, THQ had announcers “ad-lib” commentary to actual game video as they recorded audio. WWE also provided real-life audio from actual events to render a true experience to gamers. “We really want the fans to feel like they are right there, where the crowd is loud and engaged,” Ledesma says.

Many of the legends featured in this year’s game haven’t been seen in a WWE game in more than a decade. THQ tracked down all the returning Superstars to get their likenesses. There are still some members of the current roster who are getting the video game treatment for the first time, including John Laurinaitis, AJ Lee, Damien Sandow and Hunico.

“A lot of our unlockable content throughout the Attitude Era campaign is as specific to that time as possible — we want it to feel like you’re really back there,” Ledesma says. So all the entrance music, ring gear and accessories (like both of “Stone Cold’s” knee braces in the collector’s edition) is the same as it was during that immortal period.

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