The Power Issue Available Today

The Power Issue Available Today

Out Now—WWE Magazine’s September Issue

The Power Issue
We pay tribute to the fiercest, most powerful Superstar on the WWE roster: Ryback. The Human Wrecking Ball opens up about why his power is absolute—and how his brain is, in fact, his strongest muscle.

Rise & Fall
Power can be fickle at times, especially in the ever-changing environment of sports-entertainment. For each trend that comes on strong and endures, another has its “15 minutes” before it comes crashing to Earth. From the rises of Superstars such as Edge, RVD and Daniel Bryan, to the falls of the Hardcore Championship, The Spirit Squad and People Power, we explore that old adage, “What comes up must come down!” 

The Power Is In Your Hands
WWE Magazine and share a floor at WWE HQ. When we’re not arguing about who gets the last slice of pizza at Titan Tower, we’re debating sports-entertainment’s greatest, most important intricacies. Together, we put together our own sets of dueling Power Rankings to see who’s the best Superstar of 2013 thus far. Plus, you can rank them, too!   

Gentleman. Throwback. Scholar.
Cody Rhodes discusses the legacy of his first six years in WWE, what he needs to do to reach the next level, and the time he took former best friend Damien Sandow to Waffle House.

Plus, in-depth interviews with:
The Funkadactyls
Big E Langston
Damien Sandow
AJ Lee
Brodus Clay


In an exclusive interview, George “The Animal” Steele reveals the secrets to his green tongue, and what happened when one of his students would recognize him in the classroom.
Trace the history of each title change at Night Of Champions, the one pay-per-view event when EVERY championship is on the line.
To commemorate the “Power Issue,” WWE Magazine looks back at WCW’s infamous Power Plant, the training ground for WCW’s toughest Superstars.
Between Rob Van Dam and Ryback, airbrushed attire is making a comeback. Look at these radical pieces of gear in all their painted glory.
Who on the WWE roster could make the jump to the gridiron? WWE Magazine creates a WWE football team.
Alicia Fox is our Diva of the Month! Oh yeeeaaaah! Dig it!

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