Physical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

[235 lbs]
Randy Orton
1.1 If you asked most members of the WWE Universe whose physique they most aspire to, Randy Orton's name would crop up in an overwhelming majority of responses. The Viper himself, however will tell you that the essence of his physical intimidation is all in his steely eyes. We're here to tell you that The Apex Predator's arms, legs, abs and shoulders certainly do a pretty intimidating job as well.

[ 212 lbs ]
Kofi Kingston
2.2 Often, when we think of or photograph Kofi Kingston, it’s in some sort of jumping, floating or high-flying posture. But we often forget about his speed and quickness. That’s why his high-impact moves always seem so amazing—because they usually come out of nowhere. 

[290 lbs.]
Big E Langston
4.1 You truly have to be something special to be called “Big” in WWE—and Mr. Langston’s heavily weighted numbers back that nickname up. His personal powerlifting records stand at a 529-pound bench press; a 711-pound squat; and a 799-pound deadlift.  

[232 lbs.]
Antonio Cesaro
4.2 Antonio Cesaro is like WWE’s Rolex watch: A finely crafted instrument of precision grappling that eschews flash and flamboyance for function, with honed Swiss design. He exudes class and power in a way that’s “very European”—and totally devastating. 

[ 142 lbs. ]
6.1 What the shortest Superstar on the roster lacks in height he makes up for in cunning, toughness and, at this point in his WWE career, experience. It can never be said that Hornswoggle has stood on the shoulders of giants, only because he’s usually jumping on them instead.  

[ 347 lbs ]
The Great Khali
6.2 Putting The Great Khali, our tallest Superstar, on the same two-page spread as Hornswoggle wasn’t a joke. It’s meant to show the depth of the entire roster of WWE Superstars and Divas, and that, no matter their physical differences, these two can see eye-to-eye in the ring even at several feet apart.     

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