The People's Champ: exclusive interview with "WWE Magazine"

The People's Champ: exclusive interview with "WWE Magazine"

Take us back to your WWE debut, 15 years ago at Survivor Series. It’s not often that a Superstar contests his first match at a pay-per-view.
One of the most incredible nights of my life. In my zone. Game face on. I was jacked and fired up at the once-in-a-lifetime shot at greatness. Twenty-four years old and making my WWE debut in the most famous arena in the world—Madison Square Garden. In a single night, I had a shot to go from the outhouse to the penthouse, and I damn sure was gonna grab that opportunity by the neck and not let go. That night at MSG defined my career.

In your debut match at Survivor Series, you were in the ring with an odd assortment of Superstars: Jake Roberts, Marc Mero, Sable, The Stalker, Jerry Lawler, Triple H, Goldust and Crush. Do you remember them telling you anything in particular? 
Nothing in particular. All the guys—and Rena—were very gracious and supportive. I was the rookie coming in, and I knew I was going to have to earn their respect, so all I did was keep my mouth shut and do what was asked of me.

So how does your movie stuntwork compare to your ringwork?
Both are grueling and very physical. There are many comparisons that I can draw between the two, but what hits home is this: toughness and passion. Both my fellow Superstars and fellow Hollywood stuntmen are incredibly tough mothers who are driven by an amazing passion to perform. I’m a lucky son of a bitch to be able to do both.

Is there anything Cena says about you that’s completely true?
Yes, that I’m truly The People’s Champ. And that I’m gonna slap the ovaries outta his lady parts.

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