The Deadman Rises!

The Deadman Rises!

Out Now — WWE Magazine’s May Issue!

Dead Men Tell No Tales
Another year and another WrestleMania has gone by — and The Undertaker is STILL undefeated. We pay tribute to our cover star by interviewing more than a dozen Superstars who’ve crossed paths with The Deadman, inside the ring and out, as they offer their unique insights on being in the presence of The Phenom.

The Sandow Family Tree
The Intellectual Savior of the Masses agreed to trace his family tree exclusively for WWE Magazine. And you know what we  discovered? That the Sandows are deeply woven into the fabric of American history. So maybe there’s something to his blowhard arrogance, after all? You’re welcome …

Love Hurts … A Lot: The 20 Most Heartbreaking Romances in WWE History
Spring might’ve sprung, and love may be in the air, but that’s not going to stop the killjoys here at WWE Magazine from reminding you that things can go wrong very, very quickly. And very badly, too, if you happen to be a WWE Superstar (we’re looking at you, Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee). Here are 20 relationships that went sour in the worst way.

50 Years of the WWE Championship
There’s a new WWE Title and new WWE Champion! To celebrate the title gold’s brand-new makeover, WWE Mag looks back at the title’s 50-year history and the most accomplished men who’ve worn the coveted championship around their waists.

Plus, in-depth interviews with:

The Miz
Alberto Del Rio
Mick Foley
And … Kaitlyn

“The Dazzler” Daniel Bryan has a few (actually, just one) words for some of his peers in the WWE locker room.
CM Punk meets his match in an Extreme Rules Street Fight!
We name John Cena the new “King of Extreme.”
Do yoga with Diamond Dallas Page. Bang!
And … AJ Lee reveals a rowdier side in her plaid-clad tribute to Roddy Piper!

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