WWE Magazine wants to give the WWE Universe The Mic!

WWE Magazine wants to give the WWE Universe The Mic!

In its May 2010 issue -- on newsstands now -- WWE Magazine has compiled the ultimate list of 101 under-the-radar finishers, catchphrases, matches, moments and more in WWE history. After all, it's high time the underrated things we all love about WWE get the credit they deserve.

Mr. Perfect's gum swat? Got it. The Chairman's power strut? How could we forget? The Hardcore Championship's 24/7 rule? Uh-huh. The Spanish announcers' table's inability to stay intact, The Anvil's hat and Terry Funk's voice? Yes, yes and definitely yes.

But while 101 is a lot, it's not the lot. That is why the world's greatest squared circle publication wants you, the WWE Universe, to tell them what they left out. Check out the list in our May edition of WWE Magazine. Then, click here to submit your "Underrated Things" to WWEUniverse.com.

WWE Magazine will run the best responses in an upcoming issue.

In addition, WWE Magazine wants more of your burning questions for our first-ever "1,001 Burning Answers!" special issue.

Ask WWE Magazine anything you like about WWE: What was the first-ever WWE match? How do I break into the business? What's planned for WrestleMania XXVII? Ask one question; ask a hundred - just be sure to check out WWE Magazine's 1,001 Burning Answers! special issue on June 29 to see if your question is championship material.

To submit your "Burning Questions" to WWEUniverse.com, click here.

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