Mysterio wears the winner!

Mysterio wears the winner!

The December edition of "WWE Kids Magazine," on newsstands now, showcases the winner of last year's exciting contest to design a mask for Rey Mysterio. After receiving thousands of submissions, Rey picked his favorite, designed by 13-year-old Max Sidoti!

Exclusive Photos and Video of the Mysterio, Max, and the brand-new mask.

On July 24 of this year, Mysterio wore the incredible new mask on SmackDown. He later explained why he decided to choose Max's design.

"Max used a lot of the colors I usually wear, and made a really unique design with the eyeballs and skeleton stuff. His creativity is awesome. I'd love to get a whole outfit made from this design — it's off the hook!"

After The Master of The 619 wore the mask at the show, its designer could not have been more thrilled.

"I thought it was so cool that Rey wore my mask on TV," Max said. "I love drawing skulls and eyeballs, so I knew that's how I wanted to design my entry. I'm a huge Rey Mysterio fan, and I'm so excited that he liked my design!"

Now see exclusive Photos and Video highlighting the contest result!

Paint you own Rey Mysterio Mask right now!

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