Love Hurts…A Lot

Love Hurts…A Lot

1. AJ Lee & Dolph Ziggler
When AJ interfered on Ziggler’s behalf at WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs, a new, controversial couple was crowned. Since their official debut, Ziggler and AJ have added Big E Langston to their crew as more of a monster truck tire than a third wheel. With his might, Ziggler’s skill and charisma, and AJ’s unparalleled deviousness, this couple (plus one) could prove that three’s not just company — it’s the new dominant force in the global juggernaut known as WWE.

3. Booker T & Sharmell
They say that behind every great king is his queen. Sharmell (Booker T’s wife) anchored his “King’s Court” and was always available to help her man steal a victory or wave to the adoring populace. But her prominence put her in harm’s way, as opponents used her to get under the King’s skin. When Booker returned to WWE in 2011, she didn’t join him. But if the SmackDown General Manager ever needs a right hand running Friday nights, he won’t have to look far.

5. Goldust & Marlena
No WWE relationship is better proof of your mother’s old adage: “There’s a lid for every pot.” The Bizarre One was lucky to find a kindred weirdo in Marlena (nee Terri Runnels). Goldust’s real-life former wife was also in his corner throughout much of The Attitude Era, playing the role of femme fatale to his strange, boundary-pushing antics. Plus, she let him wear her clothes. If that doesn’t say love (and saving money) what does?

7. Mark Henry & Mae Young
If opposites attract, then Mark Henry and Mae Young must be made of polarized magnets. And if you’ve ever put a magnet near your computer hard drive, you can imagine the kind of effect this duo had on TV sets across America. The coupling of The World’s Strongest Ladies’ Man and Young gave the WWE Universe something special, when Young gave birth to rookie Lucky Cannon. Just kidding. It was a hand — and it got way more over than not-so-lucky Cannon.

11. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
This pair became the most powerful couple in WWE history by playing the long game. What started as a ploy to subvert the authority of the McMahon brood led to a masterful ruse in which Triple H won away The Chairman’s only daughter. But their relationship grew and the duo slowly took the reins of the business they were initially dead-set on destroying. Now, these two soldier on, shaping WWE in their own way, and into the future.

12. Victoria & Stevie Richards
This duo proved to be the Mickey and Mallory of WWE — a pair of whackos who tore through WWE a decade ago, helping each other win. Richards even went so far as to dress in drag during Victoria’s matches to help his unbalanced babe score victory. The two often teamed up in the ring and, although they split up in 2004, they set a standard for crazy/brilliant that wasn’t matched until Team Hell No arrived on the scene.

19. Molly Holly & Spike Dudley
The Holly Cousins (Crash and Bob) were at odds with The Dudleys, and family hangers-on Molly and Spike got caught in the middle of a Romeo and Juliet romance. The two endearing oddballs endured their families’ feuding to pursue their true love, which ultimately, was not to be. Molly Holly turned on Spike to align herself with The Hurricane. Not sure if that’s trading up or trading down, so we’ll go with trading sideways.

20. Kane & Lita
So Lita and Matt Hardy were a thing. And it was nice. And when Lita got pregnant, it seemed as though dreams were coming true all across Team Xtreme. That is, until, the father of Lita’s baby was revealed to be The Big Red Monster. The two Superstars boiled over in a “Till Death Do Us Part” Match, in which won Kane the right to marry a resistant Lita, proving that this relationship had dysfunction written all over it from the start.

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