Light ’Em Up!

Light ’Em Up!

In this exclusive outtake from Chris Jericho’s May 'WWE Magazine interview,' the “Best in the World” reveals more about his plans for domination in 2012. 

What’s the one thing Chris Jericho has yet to master?
I don’t put any restrictions on myself. I’d love to do more acting. That’s the one area where I haven’t done as much as I’d like to. I enjoy doing my radio show, and I have another book that I have to start writing.

When can we expect to see your next book in stores?
I have a deal in place, but once you sign that deal, you have to put it in a drawer and leave it for a bit. It’s very hard, very time-consuming, and you really have to be in the right mindspace for it. I think I need about another year before I can sit down and start writing it. I still have all the stories written down. There’s so much material for this book it’s ridiculous. I’ve set a pretty high standard for myself, and the third book has to be in that vein. But everything is lined up. It’s just a matter of me getting some time and the desire to wrap my head around it.

With this run, how do you intend to top yourself?
I don’t go in there and say, “How am I going to top myself?” I just do what I do. And if everything lines up, then it’ll be great.

What about constantly reinventing yourself?
Well, I never wanted to be a parody of myself. I’m not interested in nostalgia. People still chant “Y2J” at me, and I’m like, “I stopped doing ‘Y2J’ seven years ago.” And I appreciate the impact I had and I dig it, but I would never rest on those laurels.

Is that why you kept silent during your first appearances on Raw?
The reason why I didn’t say anything is because I knew people would be excited to see me. I do have a legendary name in this business, especially with the young guys in WWE right now. And what I wanted was to not give the fans what they expect, which is Jericho talking. I figured the longer I didn’t talk, the angrier people would get. The thing is, they were so excited to see me, they never got angry! Obviously, I had a lot to say, but I wanted to take my time and say it on my own terms. I’m not addicted to cheers. I do what I want to do and I don’t care what anybody thinks about it. And that’s why I came back that way.

Are you satisfied with where you’re at in your career these days?
Absolutely. Anyone who knows me knows that, when I was a kid, I wanted to be in a band and I wanted to be a wrestler. Wrestling took off first, but I never stopped being obsessed with music, playing in bands and writing songs. I know way more about music than I ever did about wrestling. I was fortunate/stupid enough to have outlandish dreams when I was a kid, and lucky enough to make both of those dreams come true.

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