'WWE Magazine' presents: 'The Holiday Issue' preview!

'WWE Magazine' presents: 'The Holiday Issue' preview!

Out now! WWE Magazine’s holiday issue!

"John Cena Rises Above!" In this exclusive interview, The Commander of the Cenation reflects on overcoming the odds in 2011 and reveals that no matter what The Rock says or does, he will be leaving WrestleMania the winner.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Kevin Nash take us back to the Attitude Era in two hard-hitting Q&As!

"The 25 Greatest Rivalries of the Past 25 Years!" Find out which two Superstars took the top spot as the most memorable enemies in WWE history.

"Meet the Submission Specialists!" CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio are all members of a select group of Superstars who know how to bring the pain!

The Kelly Kelly outtakes that were too hot for her  Maxim magazine cover shoot!

Plus, the complete guide to the Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match!


Learn how to become more than just friends with A.J.’s Diva advice!

Kofi Kingston drops the boom on all of his Twitter followers!

The secrets behind Sheamus’ beard!

A-Ry says it to our face in his first WWE Magazine Q&A!

And, Jack Swagger ruins the holidays as the Jerk of the Month! 

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