Here Comes The Money!

Here Comes The Money!

McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania; Today’s Buying Power: $540,000
We were stunned when Mr. McMahon opened his vault for “Million Dollar Mania,” and happy for a shot at the cash. But sadly, the contest was cut short halfway, when the Raw set somehow collapsed on Mr. McMahon. Back to work...

Terri Invitational Tournament; Today’s Buying Power: $140,000
The Hardys defeated Edge and Christian in a Ladder Match to net this $100,000 prize. The bros were psyched, 1.) Because they’d become instant stars; and 2.) Because, in 1999, $ 100 racks buys a whole lot of JNCO jeans!

The Bounty on Goldberg; Today’s Buying  Power: $126,000
Triple H posted this bounty to all willing to take out Goldberg, and his Evolution pal Batista collected the cash by breaking his ankle. We think Batista should have asked for more—hey, Evolution spends that much scrilla on the ride to the party.

Big John Studd’s Bodyslam; Today’s Buying Power: $32,000
Boasting that he was the “true giant of wrestling,” Big John Studd offered $15,000 to any Superstar who could successfully slam him in the ring. Many tried, and many failed. Until Andre the Giant lumbered to the ring, scooped Studd up like a throw pillow, and dropped him to the mat. Best part? Andre took the money and tossed it to the fans at ringside!

Ted DiBiase’s Post-Match
Payoff; Today’s Buying Power: $205
The Million Dollar Man’s ritual of humiliating his victims by stuffing their mouths with Benjamins was iconic moment in the classic era; having Virgil repossess them on the way out was just fiscally responsible.

A Bet Between Bros; Today’s Buying  Power: 98
Christian and Chris Jericho wagered one dollar (Canadian) who could “romance” either Lita or Trish Stratus first. When the ladies found out, these goofs were exposed. Maybe that’s why they call the coin a loonie.

Sheamus’s Fine  $500,000-
The Celtic Warrior assaulted WWE referee Chad Patton on SmackDown in early 2012, he was slapped with the biggest fine in WWE history. WWE GM John Laurinaitis billed Sheamus $500,000 for his transgression which, given the current price of gold, equals more than a few pots full. 

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