El Hombre

El Hombre

At first you were pretty down on the WWE Universe, and people in general. That seems to have changed. Why? Does it have anything to do with your luchador name “Dos Caras,” meaning “two faces”?
It was the WWE Universe who put me in this position. They wanted to see me as a good guy, so I want to do whatever they want because, at the end of the day, we’re here for them. It actually has nothing to do with my old name. I was using the “Dos Caras” name to pay tribute to my father because that was the name my father used for years and years all over the world. So no — it doesn’t have anything to do with my personality.

You’ve wrestled all over the world and for different organizations. What locker-room behavior drives you crazy?
Sometimes talent comes in from the developmental territory, and they don’t know how to act, or don’t understand that in WWE there’s a chain of command, and you have to show respect. I don’t like it when young guys think they’re better than us just because they were doing something in the minor leagues. Many of us have been doing this for years and years, working all over the world to make a name for ourselves. And when, someday, you have the opportunity to be here with us, you must pay us the respect we deserve.

Is the WWE Universe ever going to see Alberto Del Rio wrestle in a mask?
I don’t think that’s going to happen in WWE. Maybe someday when the WWE Universe decides that it’s time for Alberto Del Rio to retire. Maybe, and this is just maybe, I will do my last match in WWE, and then I will go to Mexico to contest one more match in my homeland, and then after that I will retire and spend time with my family and give back to my community and my family, something after all these years in the ring.

People have called you a hero of the Latino people. What inspiration do you hope to bring to that Latino community?
I’m pretty sure I’m an example, because I came to this country like thousands, millions, of people who are trying to make a better, brighter future for their families. I’m just like them. That’s the reason I left everything behind three years ago and came to the biggest wrestling company in the world.

What is one quality about yourself that you would never want to lose?
My intensity, and especially the fact that I don’t know the meaning of the word “no.” I always try, try and try until I accomplish whatever I’m trying to accomplish. I never stop.

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