Enter First-Ever Holiday Giveaway!

Enter First-Ever Holiday Giveaway!

WWE Magazine Presents … The December Issue!

John Cena: Built to Last
No Superstars has dominated the main event scene more than John Cena — and we have the facts to back it up. WWE Mag runs down the Cenation leader’s decade atop the WWE ladder.

The Scars of the Superstars
Examine the real-life battle wounds of your favorite WWE talent. From childhood accidents to in-ring injuries, each scar tells a story — and we’ve compiled them all. Hearing their tales is far less painful than living them yourself. Trust us.

It’s the End of the World as We Know It … The 25 Most Apocalyptic Moments in Wrestling History
The Mayans predicted this December will bring the end of the world, but as members of the WWE Universe, we’re no strangers to world-altering moments. So to commemorate the end of days, our editors compiled this list of those instances in which WWE had us scratching our heads in disbelief, wondering if things would EVER be the same. Gobbledy Gooker, we’re looking at you!

The WWE Magazine Holiday Gift Giveaway
The holiday season has us in a giving mood, so as a thank you to our readers for their loyal support, we’re giving away prizes on nearly every page of WWE Magazine. Want Antonio Cesaro’s and Cody Rhodes’ ring gear? How about some sweet Zack Ryder merch? Maybe a copy of “WWE ’13”? Pick up this month’s issue and find out how you can get it!

Plus — in-depth interviews with:
Antonio Cesaro
Wade Barrett
The Miz
Zack Ryder

We teach Heath Slater how to use Twitter to answer your questions!
The Prime Time Players explain the origins of “millions of dollars!”
Ted DiBiase offers up a “Country Strong” workout!

And … a picture of Layla looking so hot you can heat your home with it!

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