May’s 'WWE Magazine' (on newsstands now!) features the first-ever in-depth interview with Brodus Clay. Here, in this exclusive preview, The Funkasaurus reveals the etymology of the word “SHE-WAH!,” the worst dancer in the WWE locker room, and whom he calls after a match (other than his momma).

Who do you think rocks the track suit better, you, The Rock or Sue Sylvester from Glee?
I’m not afraid of The Rock, so he definitely doesn’t rock a track suit better than me. Homegirl from Glee, I’m not messing with her. She’s vindictive, so I’ll give it to her.

Do you have any new concepts for your ever-changing ring gear you can share with us at this time?
I’m working on a new symbol. It’s a giant Funkasaurus footprint. And I’m thinking about some catchphrases. Some “My Bad!” gear. Some “Somebody call my momma!” gear. I’m mixing it up.

What do you listen to in order to get pumped up for a match, or when you’re in the gym?
I listen to a lot of West Coast rap. But I also have a theme song, “Moves like Jagger.” I’m a big Maroon 5 fan. The guy’s a hell of a talent. He’s euphoric. He’s his own island. I’ve been known to do my interpretation of a Mick Jagger move, which always involves my hands on my hips and my lips sticking out like a fish.

Could you please tell us: What does “SHE-WAH!” mean?
The “SHE-WAH!” thing is me using my core to lift. “Wah” is just like “What?” and “She,” to me, means, “I don’t believe you’re going to do that.” So it’s kind of like, “I can’t believe I just did that.” Or, “You’re in the ring and somebody’s about to get it.”

Who’s the worst dancer in the WWE locker room?
Referee Scott Armstrong. He’s terrible. He likes to take his shirt off in the locker room, dance around and sing songs that none of us have ever heard before. He calls himself Hot Body Scotty. There have been a few times when he’s put baby oil on and just started dancing around the guys. We just want to shower and get out, but he’s a senior official, so you can’t really say anything because he can burn you in the ring later on. But it’s really awkward and uncomfortable.

Your opponents are left calling their mommas after matches with you, but whom do you call after a major bout?
Most of the time, I call my brother. WWE was something that both my brother and I wanted growing up, and circumstances in life meant that we went off on different paths. My brother got married when he was 18 and has two beautiful boys. He settled in and that was kind of his life. He’s just as excited about my career as I am. But on the road, I usually go to Dusty Rhodes for advice and feedback. And Arn Anderson and Road Dogg Jesse James have been a great help. I’m fortunate to have a great support system.

Finally, if The Funkasaurus were a real dinosaur, what would it look like?
Not a T-Rex, because they have those little arms. The Funkasaurus would probably look like the dude in Jurassic Park III. The one with the big spikes on his back who liked being in the water. He ate fish. He was kind of cool, but not cool, at the same time. He was easier to be around, ya dig?

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