Best Hell in a Cell moments

Best Hell in a Cell moments

10. Brock Lesnar's F-5 on Undertaker: No Mercy 2002
The F-5 is the most dismissive finisher in WWE. In this Cell bout, Lesnar tosses 'Taker onto his shoulder like he's adjusting a backpack, before sending him crashing on the matt, delivering a million hit points of damage to The Deadman.

8. The Heartbreak Kid's elbow drop on Shane McMahon: Unforgiven 2006
Everyone who saw the elbow drop on Shane-O Mac instinctively reached for his or her own throat upon impact. This particular Cell bout is head-and-shoulders more brutal than the other two dozen matches in WWE history — and it has a lot to do with moments like this.

7. Triple H breaks a sledgehammer over Mr. McMahon's back: Unforgiven 2006
When Triple H cracks his sledgehammer over the back of Mr. McMahon, the head of the hammer goes flying, and The Chairman crumples — face-first — to the mat. It's so outrageous that The Game has to do a double-take before even covering McMahon, clearly surprised himself at the carnage wrought upon the boss.

6. Batista’s spinebuster/Batista bomb combo on Triple H: Vengeance 2005
The Animal gets a double mention for these two maneuvers because of both occasions, he destroys Triple H with the moves. Batista’s taken out The King of Kings and Undertaker inside Satan’s Structure, and it’s finishing maneuvers like these that are the reasons why.

5. Undertaker kicks out of both a pedigree & sweet chin music: WrestleMania XXVIII
This 'Mania XXVIII grudge match was memorable not merely for the brutal, cringe-inducing moments it gave us, but for the emotional roller coaster it took fans on from bell to bell. The streak never looked more in jeopardy for Undertaker than here, but The Deadman miraculously kicked out, saving his legendary record at The Show of Shows.

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