CM Punk vs. Hornswoggle Stink-Off! A Investigation!

CM Punk vs. Hornswoggle Stink-Off! A Investigation! -- the online destination for the little Superfan in everyone -- has uncovered the biggest rivalry in WWE! It's CM Punk vs. Hornswoggle! And the question is: Who stinks worse?

One is a former World Heavyweight Champion. The other was the last to claim the Cruiserweight Championship. Both have terrible, terrible gas.

That's the accusation CM Punk and Hornswoggle have leveled at each other in separate interviews on

In the exclusive hand-written interviews on, CM Punk claims that he's "grossed out" by "Hornswoggle's terrible odor." Hornswoggle, not to be outdone, complains about "CM Punk's gas." is investigating the matter.

"Hornswoggle's everyday odor smells like my farts," CM Punk tells "If you look at his face and clothing, you'll see that he doesn't wash. You can only imagine what's brewing inside."

"Punk is a horrible, despicable man," Hornswoggle replies. "He'll fart in the car and then lock the windows! I'm stuck in this box of butt bombs fighting for my life. He's made me cry a few times."

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