WWEKids.com: Play with The Game!

WWEKids.com: Play with The Game!

Sick of being treated unfairly by the boss? Forget HR -- refer the matter to WWE Kids Magazine's exclusive Triple H Action Avatar. He's on your side.

As the economic downturn darkens the moods of bosses everywhere and sharpens their appetite for the axe, protecting your position in the workplace is tougher than ever. The solution? WWE Kids Magazine's exclusive Triple H Action Avatar -- your foldable friend in the fight against firing.*

Check out the brand-new Holiday 2008 issue of WWE Kids Magazine -- on sale November 25 -- for your free Triple H Action Avatar. Until then, defend your cubicle with help from the print-out below.

1. Right-click here and save the image to your computer.
2. Cut out the figure.
3. Follow the folding instructions.
4. Defend thy cubicle!

After all, only a foolish boss would dare mess with The Game.

WWE Kids Magazine Holiday 2008 issue is available November 25.

Check out WWEKids.com.

* WWE Kids Magazine accepts no responsibility if you get fired for wasting precious office supplies and stealing the boss's time.

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