WWEKids.com: Game time!

WWEKids.com: Game time!

WWE Superstars and WWE Kids agree -- the exclusive online games at WWEKids.com rule!


Want to fly like Jeff Hardy? See John Cena? Herd ghosts with Undertaker? Or, even better, plaster Santino Marella's face with pizza? (Yes, yes, yes, definitely yes.) Then check out the awesome collection of exclusive online games at WWEKids.com!

The new Web site is jam-packed with more than 25 exclusive online games, starring Triple H (whacking Randy Orton), Rey Mysterio (challenging gamers with an avalanche of masks), Batista (blasting junk food), and many, many more. They're the perfect mid-homework break -- or, for bigger Superfans, a great way to decrease workday productivity.

And your favorite Superstars love them.

"This game is awesome," Jeff tells WWEKids.com, while he plays Jeff Hardy In Space!, just one of the awesome games online. "I love anything to do with space, so to see myself bouncing off asteroids is great. I'm not much of a gamer though, so any kid who plays it at WWEKids.com could probably beat me!"

That's one challenge WWE's littlest Superfans happily accept, Jeff!

WWE Kids Magazine Nov/Dec issue is onsale now.

Check out WWEKids.com.

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